Smash Ultimate 9.0.0 opinions

| So, obviously, Steve. Steve is fucking sick so far, though I haven't seen or played that much yet. I'm really happy about him though.

But they also buffed a lot of characters. More importantly though, they buffed Ness. 5 of his attacks.

As a fan of brain dead yet creative (though probably a little toxic) characters, I'm really happy about this. I'm a Ness main, and I'll probably end up having Steve as my secondary. This is a good day for Smash.

| I really try to ignore about buffs and debuffs and it's probably one of the issues I don't want to play more than once a month this game anymore. Only time I cared was last patch with any music on Battlefield, a thing I have asked since Brawl, hoping it was also a thing for Menu Music. I prefer QoL changes rather than the fighter's balances, based just on opinions.
I like Steve and wouldn't mind buying it, but I'm still waiting for more DLC reveals to know if Fighter Pass is worth

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That's fair. I personally care about buffs because, well, it's a game I'm really passionate about, and I'm also loving the fact that instead of nerfing good characters they buff everyone else. Makes stuff a lot more interesting and allows for new things.

Like, thanks to the Ness buff it's probably possible to do PK Flash combos now, which wasn't a thing before.

| My dumb ass was about to google the patch notes and instead of typing "Smash Bros" I typed in "Minecraft" instead. What is going on.

None of my mains seem to be affected (except for a minor buff for Robin), so no opinion there.

Steve is so WEIRD though. I still don't get how he's supposed to be played, but I can see him having an absurdly high skill ceiling. Seems like he'll be better in a match with more than 2 players.

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His skill ceiling is fucking dumb high. He seems like such a brain-dead character, but you genuinely have to think about so fucking much at all times. It's like he's playing chess. So many pieces!

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Right?? It's a constant rush of "do I have enough material", "where can I mine this material" "can I take the time to mine", "where is my crafting table", "should I move my table", "ok if I put the block there and there can I prevent them from recovering" it's wild

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Oh. That's the very basics of it. What's hardest is how to use the blocks actively. Because a lot of Steve's attacks are a lot better, like, on blocks, and you can extend chains and combos using blocks, and you can avoid, stall and change people up using blocks, and you can block projectiles with blocks etc.

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