Fire Emblem Fates Appreciation Thread

| Recently I've been seeing more fans be open and positive about FE Fates. Mainly from Twitter and Discord. It's come to a point where we form groups away from the toxicity and hate.

So I wanted to see if there are any other people here who likes Fates and got sick of the discourse surrounding it.

It's one of my favorite games ever and I enjoy its general aspects. Even the story and characters, I like them the more I thought about them.

| I've only played Echoes, but I've wanted to try Fates. Never understood the hate. They seem like genuinely good games.

| >>705260 never understood the hate either. What's worse is the way haters would either bully Fates fans or dissuade others from playing it. You really should judge it for yourself.

But if I were to tell you what to look forward to in Fates, it's the gameplay depth, variety of maps, and replayability. Even playing just one route has enough substantial content to fill out its own game. You buy the two other routes as DLC, but they feel like big expansions so IMO the prices are right

| >>705260 I think a lot of the hate comes from the stories, localizations, and the amount of anime tropes that got shoved in compared to the older games. The gameplay itself is fairly solid and Conquest is considered one of the best in the series for its maps. Romhacks exist that retranslated a lot of the supports, but the stories are just god awful.

I really enjoyed playing Fates, story aside.

| God. Conquest maps are SO GOOD! It's genuinely one of the few games where I start sweating because of how tense it is.

The port defense versus Takumi! Versus Zola in uhh that isolated kingdom place! The stairway up versus uhh zombie things! That map in the lost kingdom with the doubles! Versus the ninja clan in the caves! The sage's double-side building thing! Even Fuga's funhouse! I love Fuga's funhouse! It's fun trying to find ways to cheese it!

| As you can see my memories of Fates is mostly devoid of story context. Which we shall not talk about because this is an appreciation thread.

Anyway THE MUSIC. Fates's music is so good! I love the random battle/castle defense music best. It's very odd that they put such a great piece as merely random battle music.

| >>705336 I'd rather we avoid using "anime tropes" as a criticism against anything. It's too vague describe the writing , and Fire Emblem is an anime-style series anyway.

| >>705339 I find myself replaying Conquest the most! I enjoy Birthright and Revelation too, but going through its maps while managing resources is always rewarding. It helps that I find the Nohr cast the most endearing.

| I smiled upon reading this thread! This is exactly what I wanted to see. I know not a lot of people like Fates but hell, I really enjoyed it. Admittedly I didn't get into it immediately at first because of everyone's negativity towards the games, but as I continued to immerse myself in the gameplay, I found that they truly are enjoyable in their own ways. Among the three games I like Revelation the most because of the entirely challenging maps (and seeing Hoshido and Nohr come into

| good terms with one another is a beautiful sight). Conquest is amazing too, I love how >>705339 described it! Birthright is just as amazing too, I love and miss everyone in Hoshido. The My Castle feature is lovely too, I love navigating through it after a long and tiring battle. The soundtrack in Fates is beautiful too. I have a lot of favorites and I find myself humming them sometimes! And before I forget, the battle animations are wonderful. Way better than Awakening, at least.

| Over-all, people who claim to hate Fates should try not to force others their overly negative opinions about it. You can still enjoy the games in other ways. Yes, the story isn't very palatable for most, but you can't just focus on that forever; otherwise, you're missing out.

I'm looking forward to see more replies in this thread. Thank you OP for making this!

| >>705349 that's exactly why I made this thread. I wanted to encourage more people to speak up if they enjoy Fates. I don't believe it deserves the backlash. I love it for similar reasons you listed. I dig Revelation a lot more than before because of how the story shows what happens when families trust one another against an unseen enemy that drives both sides apart. That doesn't invalidate the other routes' resolution. They have their own satisfying arcs.

| I'm gonna show some opposition. There are some good things about Fates I admit - including much needed game balancing considered how broken Awakening was. What was more an issue was the quality of writing more than ever, mostly things of that nature. This is larely due to most of the script being cut I believe.

I am thankful to the games, Fates was my first entry to the series and I'm a huge FE fan. But playing the others I kind of understand why it's the fandom whipping boy.

| Continuing on from my last post, I'm not going to just bash the games. But I think Fates are a good stepping stone and way up. Echoes and Three Houses did considerably better with writing (even though Echoes was technically a remake). I do have my criticisms with both as well, but I only want the series to keep on evolving and improving in not only mechanics but in story.

| >>705587
>I'm gonna show some opposition
Buddy which part of "Appreciation Thread" did you not understand? (Though to be fair your post is pretty civil)

| >>705592 Seriously, we already have enough opposition as it is. Much of it I find hypocritical IMO, even after playing other FEs

Besides, I think that Fates has a more interesting story then even Echoes and Three Houses. There's some refreshing concepts that aren't vanilla, and the story leans more towards family drama with fantastical elements that serve its themes and characters. I even like how Corrin and Azura stop the war in all three routes, they're my favorite duo.

| There's still a lot about the plot and worldbuilding for me to enjoy even after some cuts in the script. But honestly, what story doesn't have cuts? It's odd to criticize it for something that always happens.

And before anyone brings up "what's the name of the continent", not everything needs to be labeled and explained to the audience. The Witcher has no continent name either and many people love the setting anyway.

| >What's the name of the continent

I just call it Fateslandia in my head.

| Hoshinohr

| >>705592 Thanks for acknowledging that. I don't hate the games, I still am thankful for Fates. I more just criticize things I love since I want them to be better.

>>705674 I do sort of agree with you as well. Once again, I have problems with other entries in the series as well, a lot due to scripts and ideas being cut due to time and money. My home is now that FE is more mainstream that more effort is put into later games. I just want the series as a whole to be better.

| >>705674 The family drama idea I actually also enjoyed in Fates. What bothered me more was the plot holes that existed due to the plot. Revelations route probably is the biggest offender of this.

On a side note, I prefer Nohrians to Hoshidans. And I played Birthright first.

| >>705960 this is an appreciation thread, not a criticism thread.

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