Caveg/u/rl needs recommendations

| Hi, I just upgraded from a crappy PC with integrated graphics to a pre-built with a GTX 1060.

I'm used to 15 fps Minecraft and nearly cried when I installed shaders and played at 60 fps.

G/u/rls... what games do I absolutely have to play?

| Control is pretty cool if you want to try its RTX capabilities.

| >>704681 now play the Bedrock version and play with shaders, +60fps and +50 chunks render distance.

| if it's a good enough pc, get nier automata. 50% off on steam right now

| >>704726
Just bought it. It's really fun.

Cutscenes are a bit choppy, but everything else is smooth.

| Fallout new vegas and Factorio

| >>704979 Factorio only if you crack it though. Don't give money to that asshole dev.

| >>705055
Huh, haven't heard anything bad (or, to be fair, anything at all) about Factorio dev. What's up with them?

| >>705067
People just bash on him for not lowering the price of his game.

>"Not having a sale ever is part of our philosophy."

| metro exodus
insurgency sandstorm

| >>705067 No sales because he knows (he said it himself) that he would get more money like that, price on gog is higher than on steam (even though gog pays more) to discourage getting the drm-free version, and a basically never ending early access with ridiculous updates, that he still uses to increase the price. All those for a game that isn't that good.

| >>704715 bedrock shaders suck compared to seus or even plain optifine :(

| >>705550 I haven't seen a single good bedrock shader yet. It's really sad because in order to have a LAN party with consoles, I have to play on Bedrock instead of Java edition.

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