Genshin Scenary Appreciation thread?

| I'll start with a pic of the top area of the game (Climbing this was fun, and worth it).

| Its free

| >>705332 did you also mention that its free?

| >>705492 yes! It is indeed free.

| If it is so free why there is no free 2?

Because its free

| is it really free??

| >>705565 yes it is free

| But it is free of being free?

| >>705608 no, but its still free

| Oh man, I'm going to play this game just because of all of you g/u/rls here.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make some nice screenshots to share!

| >>706092 yo, did you know its free?!

| Is it?

| >>706382 yes it is free

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