Let's talk about Va-11 Hall-A please

| I don't have a lot of friends who know/have played the game. I've been so deprived of Valhalla-related conversations and it's not doing me any good :^(

I miss Dana Zane and *Kira*Miki >:[

| I wonder why they chose to portray gils activities as doding and cute when he'll probably die

| I love Gil too. I feel like he's underrated.

| Here we go again... Sei is best g/u/rl!

Also *Kira*!

| >>704451 because they are used to it also, Guillian fucks!

| >>8f4bb8
Say Sei! ♡

| I love everyone in this game. I thank the fanartists everyday for the new content

| FYI, anyone who says that Dorothy isn't best girl will be considered liars and heretics.

| Dana is alright because she lost her left arm.

I want to give Sei a hug.

Dorothy seems super fun to hang out with!

aaand I've taken the Jill pill so she's mine. So back off, everybody!

| Unironically, I like Ingram

| Bro this is literally one of the best games i've ever played, i rushed It in a Very bad time of my life (around 2017~2018) and it helped me to get out of that sadness hole more than many people. Seeing a game so well made, with so much love and passion is good, but this game is filled with humanity and soul, something that we don't ser so frequently in the industry.

| I think that all the people talking about their lives and feelings like if it was real, lessons that we can take to life and memorable moments that merge perfectly with the comfy soundtrack make this game a masterpiece

| I feel sad to try to replay the game. I tried for the other endings... but I stopped. The feels ; w;
Also, Daorothy is best girl. I'd love to hang out with her.
Also Sei.
Also Jill!
And Dana...
And Anna, doh.
... and everyone really. Even Donovan (tho I hate him).

| >>704618
I'm willing to bet those are very close to real stories. And not just as "metaphors" or something like that. I'm talking straight up real stories... given the devs are from Venezuela, and that place os VERY similar to the place in the game :0

| >>704620 the big cities in latin america are some of the most cyberpunk shit ever and it's not even in the romanticized way, poverty reigns in some areas while giant corporate buildings stand strong in the downtown. Police is extremely agressive with everybody that it's not rich, traffic/militias assure control of certain places while negotiating with the government from behind the curtains and the conditions are only getting worse

a good place to visit, a horrible place to live

| >>704617
Beautiful indeed. My heart just melted upon reading this

| Gee guys, I feel like playing it again. I miss everyome and navigating through a game filled with comfort. Currently in a bad spot right now (sort of) so I'm certain that another Valhalla run will pull me out from this darkness again

| >>704624
Good luck fam on whatever is going on!
And enjoy mixing drinks, and changing lives!

| I've kind of been playing with friends for a while, introducing more people to the series. One of my favorite pasttimes too.

| >>704445
Then go and visit them, play it again! :3
I love Sei but Jill thougho
Also: Miki! >>704470
Say say ~
Fight me! >>704618 >>704620
>>704617 >>704624
Nice to see that the game also had that effect on others.

| I really really appreciate fans who continue to make Valhalla-related content. Fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, name it! This game deserves so much recognition and praise!

| >>704766

| Why am i the only person who seems to really like donovan in the fanbase

| >>704814 you say that like there isn't a Donovan D Dawson fanclub on this board.

| is there any new news on the sequel?

| >>705544 it was meant to be launched this year but i think that with all that shit that is happening in venezuela and coweed-19™️ they had to stop the development for some time, but i am not sure of this

| >>705641 in early 2021*

| >>705641
I thought they left Venezuela a few years ago?

| I've replayed the game a lot. I feel like the writing has some little touches that make it feel real or something that makes it replayable a lot.

| I want a cuddle night with dorothy

| >>705641 >>705752
Pretty sure at least some of them escaped to Japan.

| Its genuinely one of my favorite games.
I remember picking the game up while drinking some plum flavored rum

I loved every second of it, never felt so relaxed and now I kinda want to do that again.

also Jill was is and will always be best girl
Reminds me of someone I used to have a massive crush on haha

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