Indivisible future DLC's have been canned permanently


| Though the switch version is getting one on the 13th

| The Switch version is still getting everything that came to the PC version, but nothing beyond that.

This sucks, but also understandable. I've got the gut feeling that they were overpromising from the beginning, so even though the main reason was unexpected, I kinda saw this coming.

| It's basically all Mike's fault. Indivisible and Skull Girl's future are permanently going to be affected as franchises by one man and him not stepping down after literally everyone learned of his horrendous actions.

| From what I've heard about him, he should've stepped down. It bums me out too that I enjoy both Skull Girls & Indivisible, and that it's reputation is ruined by him

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What have he done tho?

| Just the atypical of sexual harassing his employees and rude jokes.

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apparently he was kind of a prick to work with.

| he is hella awkward and was always like that from the beginning of starting up his company. some girl didnt like it and suddenly turned the whole company against him. question is, why did this happen just now and nobody had a problem with it before?

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It takes courage to speak against someone in a much higher position than you, especially when you know the initial general reaction might be something like "x just didn't like him and turned everyone against him" or "x is just lying. he's not that kind of person" :P

+Just because he was always like that doesn't mean that that kind of behavior is always gonna be okay. Times change and people realize there's tons of uncomfortable shit people do that shouldn't fly

| Moral of the story don't be awkward or get cancelled

| I mean he killed his own studio. They wanted him out so he just dissolved the board so he couldn't be removed. 100% all of this is on MikeZ. He drove his employees out and rather than let the studio keep going he burned it down. I feel so bad for all the artists and devs on skullgirls and indivisable because those games are so fantastic and one man's ego just torpedoed it all

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Truly horrendous

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He tried to sexually harrass people. He essentially killed the studio because he refused to step down. Now Autumn games and Lab Zero will never collab again as soon as the existing Indivisible DLC that's out drops for Switch.
Reminder that Lab Zero owns the rights to Skullgirls and indivisible.

| It's just not fair that he couldn't own up to what he's done, and stepping down when people called him out. MikeZ shot himself in foot, and it seems he has nothing left at all. I was hoping for more content to Indivisible too. If he had resigned, both LZ & AG would've progressed more, and branched out to make more games in the future. All-in-all, fuck MikeZ.

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