| Should I play it? I 've heard it's a good game?

| I've only heard Earthbound's soundtrack and it sounds absolutely beautiful. Game with music like this cannot be bad, so I'm going to play it sometime soon too!

| Its good, but thing is some of the mechanics are dated, i suggest getting earthbound tweak, which keeps the game identitcal but improves it in several aspects

| >>704076
Ok thanks, what about quality of other aspects? Is story/dialogue/characters still good by modern standards?

| It's worth playing as well as its sequel mother 3

| >>704082
It's better than modern standards.

| >>704187
It's the same game, isn't it?..

| >>4dc4b3 nah that's earthbound zero but there are still huge differences between even that and eb.

| DO IT!
The whole Mother saga is a great experience. Tho Mother 1 is a bit hard to get into [super grindy and the mapa are a nightmare].
I personally recomend playing Earthbound, then Mother 3, and then Mother 1 (or watch a let's play of it) just to tie all the missing stuff they don't explain. :0

| I played the first two chapters of Mother 3 and three hours of Mother 1. Both have been a blast, I don't think Earthbound would be any different.

| If you want to play mother 1 the 25th anniversary rom hack makes it much more enjoyable.

| You should. I have really bad patience with games in general so I've never finished Earthbound, but I've enjoyed it every time I've played it. Really solid stuff.

| Just play em all don't need no tweaks or ROM hacks if you've never played before.

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