Why did genshin impact boom in fame lately?

| Been thinking about getting into it lately, not cash money enough, if anything id like to see how far i can get by playing naturally no paymentsi just dont feel like hopping on the hype train, its going pretty fast and i dont wanna get hurt trying

| Well to answer the question in the title it's because Mihoyo(company that made Genshin) already had a considerable following since their previous two games Guns girl and Honkai Impact 3,both of which were successful,so it makes sense for it to surge in popularity when the fans heard Mihoyo was making another game

| 1. Preexisting fans (as >>703990 said)
2. It's free
3. It looks great
4. We're in a pandemic and more people are stuck at home playing games / watching streamers play games
5. It's multiplatform
6. Cute character design, strong art direction
7. It's free
8. Pretty good game all things considered

| >>703993 Also it's free

| >>703993
Yeah, you forgot to mention that it's free!

| Oh and it is free

| >>703993 >>703990 You are all forgetting 3 things:1. how everyone says this game is like Botw? Because trust me that helped the marketing's hype since it was announced and now every content creator has to mention it. Feels like an embargo.

2. Anime. Cute girls, cute boys.
3. Stars, stick 5 stars to a rock and everyone will want it.

Also I want address that it does looks like a 2013 game and what people say it's similar to Botw is more like an Alpha Cube World but Gacha and anime.

| >>704129 you forgot to say it is free

| >>704133 In a trusted platform like Steam or Epic it would be a good point. On a controversial chinese launcher with spyware issues... It's not an advantage. Launch it on Steam and there will be already 50 million players.

| >>704134 you forgot to say its free again

| >>704139 you are not paying money except if you fall for the gacha which many people will do, so this game won't be free for average players who will still play the game next two weeks then only money payers will remain, but you are paying with your personal data. There is more 'free' in jumping through the window than playing this.
There is nothing free if it's Online, there's always a cost.

| >>704149 but you still forgot to say its free

| Because it released

| its fun

| >>704152 Only If I ever intended to say so, but I didn't, the game its not free, you are free.

| The game is free,of monetary cost,but the spiritual cost? Dear god...

| >>704253 bruh arent you getting the "its free" joke?

| It's a free Breath of the Wild-like game with gacha and a sick soundtrack. JP voice actors are also amazing.

| Because they aim to make perfect product.

| Because it's a AAA game with huge marketing budget that uses one of the two most mainstream action game mechanics with weeb appeal how is this even surprising to anyone

| >>705138 and its free

| Little to no entry barrier. Most people have phone, they can just install and try it. Some will get hooked and then tell their friends/circle about the game. Some from that circle will like it and bring it into their own circle, some other will play it because everyone is playing it.

People laugh when someone spend money on gacha games, but they often forget that if you want to play the newest zelda, you need to pay several hundred $ for the console and game.

| The same goes to PC games, if you want to play GTA/Red Dead, unless you already have a good PC for work, you have to at least spend 500-1500$ to play them.

Meanwhile, everyone have good enough phones that can run most gacha games, regardless if they are a gamer or not. So I think it's fine to spend some $ on gacha games that's not to money grubbing like Girls Frontline or Azur Lane.

Good gacha games will give you a lot of value with 100$ anyways.

| No idea, this crap collects more data than Azur Lane and Dolls Frontline combined. Also stores animations

| It's trending among my friends for a rather funny reason though: every time we try to decide on a game we can't because no one wants to buy anything for a one off session even tho some games are like $10 so yeah >>705139 you're right have your free internet point

| >>705360 1st buying a console for Zelda is the most rewarding thing you can do, as it will present you to a new catalog, even Wii U. And only if you play Zelda any Nintendo console is worth. Genshin it's not introducing you to a new market.

2nd: Genshin Impact is not a game that runs on everyone's phone, only seen it worked on +400$ +2019 phones, and you can't compare phone's experience towards console/PC.

3rd: Gacha content expires. There is no value on that. Only entertainment.

| >>705662 not for everyone, if I were to buy a Nintendo console, it would be for SMT V. I have no interest in other Nintendo games, so I would be paying hundreds to only play one game.

Your second point is solid, some people with powerful phones can still just try it and play as they please, compared to people having to rent someone else's console/ watch youtube videos to try console games.

| Covid-19 is worldwide = Chinese creator miHoYo created Genshin Impact, is now worldwilde.

| >>705662 for gacha content expiring, if you are talking about power creep, then I already said to spend money on gacha games that's not too money grubbing. I play Azur Lane for 2 months and they don't really try make money from the gacha. They want you to buy skins which only expires when the game dies.

Even if you spend money to get rare characters, the earliest SSR is still powerful, even the free ones that you can get from playing would be very usefull with the right equipment.

| >>705750 I think that's a part of it. Gacha/mmo games die easily when they are unpopular. When they are popular people are less worried so it gets more popular. But personally I think any gacha content lost its value when they introduce a new banner. Gacha bad.

| >>705760 but its free

| >>705750

Could also just spend money on gacha with no gacha based power creep, like GFL. That's almost entirely costumes.

...I'd even go as far to say that its all costumes. You could spend money on the infrastructure but you get enough gems to get those without paying for them, and once you have logistics running 24/7, you effectively can roll for girls for free at any time.

| >>705760 if gacha/characters you get from gacha lost its value after a new banner is introduced, then you shouldn't pay/play that game.

You are right about the popularity part, always make sure to only invest your money and time on popular gacha games. F/GO is like what? 5 years and going? I can see it lasts at least 2 more years, and that's like one generation of console. So yeah, as long as you don't spend money more than the price of a console, I'd say it's fair.

| >>705876 true, I tried Girl's Frontline before Azur Lane, but I just don't like guns, I guess. And Azur Lane's battle system is pretty much Touhou with less skill and more RPG minmaxing, which is what I always want from touhou game, because I sucks at bullet hell.

| >>705876 It would take you more than a year to get comfortably f2p 10 dorms and 10 squads though, which is kinda important. But yeah, characters are absolutely free. Instead of cash and attention, the game only asks for your time. It's a nicer system.

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