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| So how many of you gamer g/u/rls enjoy visual novels?

Looking back, I've played a bunch of them. I like reading a lot of stuff and watching stories progress in various waya, so they kinda just stuck on me.

I know not a lot enjoy VNs, so I'd love to know your thoughts about it. Feel free to leave some VN suggestions too!

| I'm not a fan of visual novels, since I like having more interactivity even in story-driven games.

There are exceptions. I love AI: The Somnium Files very much for the routes, presentation, and writing.

| Let me pull out my old list

Some VNs I haven't added to that list: Arcade Spirits, Can Androids Pray, first date/can't relate, Scarlet Hollow.

Huge fan of VN, especially those that do interesting things with the medium (not necessarily making it no-linier!). I usually prefer them short, but some of my favourites can be pretty long.

| Katawa Shoujo was always my favorite, currently im doing the phoenix wright games

| Oh boy, time for me to shill Sekien no Inganock again. Interesting story, interesting characters, unique(-ish) setting, great visual style and music. If only the minigame between chapters wasn't so stupid.

| >>703939
Nice list. Wasn't expecting a bunch of non-JP titles

I think it's a damn shame that VNs aren't more popular. I still think Symphonic Rain is a terribly underrated VN. Played it way back though so who knows if it still hold up. Think it's worth a shot though

| VNs are great. I went through the zero escape trilogy over lockdown and its amazing

| Everyone who likes VNs should play Clannad imo. It's the best key VN and one of the best VNs I played overall. Very deep and immsersive. Hope Key will live through 2021 to make more games, anime and whatever.

| Feel like getting back into VNs the second im done with uni cause I loved them despite hating actual books.

Idk why just adding character sprites and CGs makes it suddenly readable but I won't complain.

| Kindred spirits is the best and you should play it if you have any interest in yuri, fluffy romances or high school stories whatsoever

| Some of the classics I've played and recommend are Katawa Shoujo, Tsukihime and Saya no Uta. Can't go wrong with any of this three.

For those on mobile, some good ones are One Thousand Lies and Sepia Tears. Both are free on Play Store so check it out.

My opinion on the matter is that VNs aren't that popular nowadays because most people don't like reading in general, well myself included (but these VNs still caught my attention anyways, they're that good).

| If you can handle some eroge, Making*Lovers is extremely funny and a good read. It takes time to flesh out each girl and give them their own stories while being self aware what it is. It's far from being Clannad or a Type/Moon VN, but it's a super fun read.

Also, mobile readers should look into Kirikiroid2 and ONScripter Plus. It allows you to run some PC VNs on Android.

| I do enjoy VNs from time to time, but I usually just get really into them for a week and then completely drop them after. Not because I dislike it or anything, but I just kinda forget I guess? I played all the Danganronpa games besides Despair Sisters and a couple of Otome games. Not sure if this counts as a VN, but I also got really into Lifeline when I got my Apple Watch and played almost all their games until I lost interest.

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