Single player games

| What are some good single player games that are a bit more story driven. The last games that I enjoyed were yakuza 0 and celeste

| Doom 2016.

| Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2.

| 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

I'm still in the middle of it myself, but I'm binging it and loving the way the mysteries unfold. Plenty of layers with huge sci-fi concepts.

| Ys 8
Witcher 3
Katana Zero
Hollow Knight
Furi (kinda)
More if I think of any

| Everything by Supergiant Games: Bastion, Transistor, Pyre, Hades.

... Man it feels good to add Hades to that list!

| Night in the Woods
The Red Strings Club
Fallout New Vegas
Outer Wilds
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines
Disco Elysium
The entirety of Persona series, maybe?

| >>703792
It's really cool how they managed to tie the roguelike formula into the story in Hades.

| Holy shit you guys got great taste. It must be a bit overwhelming for OP though. So many titles. If you wanna play like a 4-5 hour game Katana Zero will do the trick. I know it was already mentioned but you'll love it.

| Yeah Katana Zero is a great story with great difficulty.

| Get into trails series

| Horizon Zero Dawn
Shadow of Mordor
Tales of Vesperia

| >>703764 Holy shit someone who knows Ys

| >>264163 found 8 on the switch. No trailer, but the art style in the still shots had my attention. One of my favorite games on the switch since I got it. It's one of the games that turned me from a SRPG lover to more of an ARPG guy. It's so fun and the story is great.

| Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

| Lol was just going to recommend yakuza 0. You might enjoy yakuza kiwami (the sequel) then, though I personally haven't played it.

| Elona+

| Rain World

| The World Ends With You
Ace Attorney
Nier Automata
Xenoblade Chronicles
Cytus 2
Ghost of Tsushima

| >>704329
Someone recommending TWEWY? In the year AD 2020? You have good taste g/u/rl.

| Nier Automata, Nier Gestalt, Drakengard 3
Yes im yoko taro fanboy

| >>704329 OH YEAH A MAN OF CULTURE,TWEWY WAS A PERFECT GAME ON THE DS(except for the double screen battle system,screw that)

| >>704329 I'm playing TWEWY to this day, it still holds up. <3
I love the dual screen combat.

| >>704405 >>704409
Honestly, the combat is like the only thing stopping me from playing it. Makes my hands HURT and I'm pretty sure 90% of scratches on my DS screen is because of TWEWY. Also the mechanic that lets you lower your lvl in return for increased drop rates (or something like that) is really dumb and probably was a major contribution to the difficulty in my dropped playthrough.

| Without any shadow of doubt, the Bioshock games (specially burial at sea 1 & 2), they are simply excellent in all of the atributes that a FPS can offer

| try watch dogs 1 ans 2 they arent perfect but god damn do i love those games the gameplay makes you feel so cool especialy in the second one

| >>704231 >>704397
rain world and nier? let's go, some of the best games

OP also needs to play LISA

| I found TWEWY at a local gamestop a few years ago and can't stop loving it. The dual screen battling was admittedly hard to get used to at first, but now it's so easy to use. It's perfect in pretty much every way. Fun combat with a good skill floor and skill ceiling, amazing story in a game from 2007, and every song in the game is a BOP. I still play it on my N3DS XL every now and then.

| wasteland 3 is pretty good its like fallout 1/2 but with a not garbage gameplay

| The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are fun.

| I... have nothing much to add cuz you guys already did so. So many amazing games are posted here. I'm proud of y'all! :')

... ok, one more. Zelda Majora's Mask if you haven't played it. Sure, is a bit outdated, but to me is still the best Zelda ever.
Oh, and I guess I'll mention Va-11 Hall-A if for whatever reason you haven't played it yet.

| Here're my suggestions for singleplayers
FTL: the best spaceship rogue-like(lite? I dunno someone explain the difference)
Enter the Gungeon: Guntastic popculturey retro dungeon crawler
Cataclysm DDA: post-apocalypse rogue type game, super cool + it's $free$ so ding ding
Mount & Blade Warband - Kangz and shiet
A Short Hike: Gorgeous DS style adventure game, wholesome and honestly cathartic
Hyperlight Drifter: Admittedly need to finish this one, but it's rad af

| >>703799 Outer Wilds is on my list, looks super cool so I've been saving it for the right time

| Iconoclasts : cool metroidvania with nice environments
One step from eden : it's like Mega man battle network, a nice and speedy roguelite with solid various gameplay
Crossworld: an ARPG indie but so much well done, im beginning it
Catherine : Big brain time, this game has a underrated plot with mature themes in addition of the crazy puzzles
A hat in time : you perfectly know why i mention it, it's basically the modern equivalent of 3D old platformers

I'll add some later

| Masturbation

| Playing Zanki Zero from the creators of Danganronpa (wanted to play it so long on my Vita and finally an English patch happened) and I'm loving it, at first I though I wouldn't care that much about story but it's pretty solid. Gameplay it's interesting as well, as you have 8 characters that will age and cycle from child to senior, managing on your party is surprisingly innovative and would like to see more games making party members more meaningful. Nothing is free, not even death

| Zanki Zero is on PS4 and PC with official English translations (just Vita got scrapped out) so it won't be hard to find.

>>706112 Also as I'm talking about Spike Chunsoft, Danganronpa 1 to 3, which are more heavier on story than gameplay.

My personal favourites, Zelda games from N64 to Wii, all of them with fantastic and unique stories and gameplay each.

And as you mentioned Celeste I may suggest Undertale and Oneshot.

| >>705593
Oh my god someone knows about Iconoclasts. That game is massively underappreciated.

Does One Step From Eden actually have a story? Or is it just background flavoring like in Dead Cells?

| >>706239
Yup, Iconoclasts is awesome and deserves way much more popularity

OSFE have a little bit of story, but not really, it's more arcade!

| Try the yakusa series. Or psychonauts

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