Genshin Impact pulls

| I fucking hate gachas I never get the character I want. Anyway the game is cool enough I will play the story mode and quit I think. Did any of you tried it out?

| Its a fun game and honestly I think it does a lot right for a gacha game. Now I've not gotten much. 2, 4*'s but that's in like 3, 10 pulls and I'm free to play. The game is giving a lot of free currency rn and honestly I've only played a few hours. I hate gacha too. I quit them from frustration but, GI has so far impressed me even in the gacha aspect. I feel like I can get enough rolls for free.

| Jean pls cone to mee

| >>701989 I am wishing for her too

>>701971 Game is really impressive honestly as far as gameplay goes but gacha system is definetly problematic. Having sub 1% drop rates for 5 stars and mixing weapon drops with character drops is just unfair to me.

| I pulled the szechuan chef in the same roll as the free tank loli! Second and third pulls gave me the wolfyboy, so i'm content for now.

| I pulled and got chuuni archer, idol healer and the chinese cook.
Still no Venti though.

| Me to any character: can you SHUT UP FOR 5 SECONDS?!

| you will get a 5 star for 90 standard banner pulls, which is nice. On the other hand character banners give limited chars (which is weird, maybe they'll add those to standard later). I don't have any good dps type character and am out of pulls so that sucks.

| >>702316
5star item, let's not forget. You could get a weapon and not the hero you want.

| >>702375 Well, it is a downer, but chances are by the time you get 90 pulls, you'll have a base team already decided and leveled and the weapon will come useful.

| So since this is a Genshin Impact thread, how's everyone playing the game? I'm trying to collect as many anemoculus and geoculus as possible before I can play the game for real. The stamina drain sucks ass for sprinting.

| I haven't played it yet myself, but I watched a homie play it for a while today, and it looks decent. It looks like a BotW mixed with Ys VIII or Ni no Kuni but with gacha, and I kinda fuck with that. Probably won't play it a lot, but I think I'll have fun for a little while and I've kinda been craving some gacha lately.

| >>702470 I'm mostly gliding so I can stare at Barbara's ass

| am sad i didnt get female V from the Devil May Cry series.

But hey, I got wolfboy and szechuan girl, so its not all bad.

| I got all banner characters but venti. Cook girl dropped in standard banner so I guess it's fate.

| Just got the magical girl (not the milf one) on Standard Banner. She's really good

| I keep rolling Fischl which is great but I kind of want someone new.

| >>702922 Fischl is top tier though. And her 3rd constellation sounds super useful. 300%dmg on bird spawning and +50% radius which is insane. You'd never have to move it all the time.
>>702470 Doesn't seem that noticable. I'm only picking those I spot on my adventures and am doing fine. Eventually I'll get'em all, but don't have the patience for now.

| >>702470
There are foods that reduce the stamina consumption. It doesn't look like a lot at first, but it does wonders over time.
Also, Barbara's constellation (first one I think) makes her skill also reduce stamina drain. So, with those two (and team element resonances) you can mitigate that as well. :0

| I got the chuuni fischl and diluc in my last 10Roll. My luck is most likely dry now.

| >>703260
Sir, I'm going to humbly ask you to give me some of your karma cuz wtf

| >>703549 I'd give you some if I could. But all my good karma from helping hunters against Fatalis was already used. I don't think I'll get another 5-star for MONTHS.

| I have gotten just barbara and weapons for all my wishes exept for the beginner/newbie wishes or whatever they are called

| Got keqing today. I've invested in xianling too far at this point to switch a main, though so she's gonna do expeditions with her faster liyue expedition times.


| >>704559 i wish jean is a playable ;(

| Got Fish, Xiangling (with one duplicate) and Beidou. Do I just throw them all into a team now or maybe some default characters are better? From what I've heard Beidou is not very good, so who do I pair with Fish and Xiangling out of free characters?

Also I'm pretty much convinced that Venti is just a myth now.

| >>704721 i don't get why people say Beidou is nit good. She is pretty good for me if you use her properly.
Timing her blocks just right you can cut a big enemy's health bar in half... and I dunno you, but it is VERY satisfying doing do in one hit.

If you have Barbara I would place her instead of Xiangling. Water + Electricity is better thn fire imo. And her heals are op.

| >>705400
Well, after playing a bit more, Beidou is a little underwhelming. The damage is not that great, and the block is not very reliable, but maybe I just need to get used to it more. I'm running Fish, Barbara, Beidou and Xiangling right now. Fish + Xiangling blow everything up with overloaded and raw physical damage, and it's actually fun to use Beidou's ulti with Barbara's water-based attacks to instantly land electro-charged all the time.

| >>705460 so I didn't know much about Xiangling and I now wanna give her a try vuz of her explosive buffs. Overload is probably going to be fun yeah.
The beidou I use I have her with HP increasing artifacts to max out her damage storing capabilities. She doesn't deal much damage herself (unless you ulti with everybody wet) but I just switch to her when a big guy is going for a hit to "parry" them... and that deals a LOT.
... she is like a shield with a spike.

| I've spent way more money then I usually spend on games to get 4 Genesis packs, aiming for Venti. And I got rewarded for my efforts with... Qiqi, which is fine I guess. Upgraded banner 4-stars a bit. A bit sad with how I won't get Venti until he's part of a character Banner again, seeing how he's not in standard banner.

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