I'm feeling retro today

| What are some of the best 80s/early 90s games? Bonus points for games that are easy to find (like on steam, gog, or myabandonware).

| Any SNES gem my friend.
Earthbound [or the whole Mother series].
Chrono Trigger. [Soooo gooood]
Metroid games [haven't played them... but i know they good]
Terranigma [such good mood game]
Some of the old mario ones, but you already knew that.
And anything on that era you can find on your popular Top 10s Oldschool games. Because most good ol' gems are very well known.

... also, this is 2004... but Cave Story. Original game is also free (and goooooooooooood)

| SEGA and Nintendo will helps you ^^
And don't forget to Arcades!

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