What are some interesting short game ideas for a beginner gamedev?

| I'm done cloning Breakout and Tetris, I want something original that I could eventually put into my portfolio. Of course I have some "dream game" ideas, but thankfully I realize that those are way out of scope for me right now, especially since I still have a full-time job not associated with making games (yet). What are some things I can make that would be short and sweet (i.e. can be done in a couple of weeks or a month of working evenings only), but not another overused clone?

| Something like a platformer, shmup, or an RPG battle may suffice. Assuming you built one condensed level for whatever genre you pick.

Don't worry about assets either. Sometimes even a rectangle is all you need as a stand-in for your characters.

| Hot Potato: platformer where you're on a pogo stick and have to jump to a new platform while dodging falling debris.

| >>697370
RPG can get out of scale fast... And although I'm a pretty big fan of shmups, I'm not sure if I want to do one myself... So platformed it is, I suppose. Maybe I could do something like the first few Momodora games, that series was always a major inspiration for me.

So basically Doodle Jump?

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