The Last of Us Pt.2 ending is hard for me to accept

| I was thinking there was going to be more story developing at the end, but instead it immediately ends out of nowhere. I can't say this story was the best, yes it is harsh an brutal since it's the apocalypse--but trying to make the player like someone that they don't like is a hard pill to swallow. I tried liking the antagonist Abby, but it wasn't easy for me. I give credit to the VA playing her, but she didn't deserve the backlash on social media since her character killed someone

| This might not be the best thing to post, but just something I wanted to say. I'm sure other people had an okay experience, and that's fine if you liked the game. I'm kinda hoping they do plan on making a third one, and hopefully there's no drama hidden behind the production

| Nah man every one felt the same, thats why there was a whole controversy over the game

| I actually like the concept. Playing someone the audience is supposed to hate and doing bad things to characters you love. Its an impact full element i feel. But the execution was all wrong with the last of us 2 imo. And I'm sure I'm not alone. I don't hate the game either, its just mediocre when it could have been so much more.

| I guess I'm the minority that loved Abby.

As much as I hated the fact that Joel dies because you identify so much with his greyness, he absolutely murdered a doctor he by all rights could have kneecapped. That's a forced game mechanic and something that always seemed sour to me, like it would come back to bite him.

And then it did, they tied that back in in an actually meaningful way.

| To be honest I feel like the highly cinematic presentation missed out on a cool perspective shift. Like, it should have been the player as Joel in first person and then after his knee is [REDACTED] the perspective shifted to Abby amd forced you to beat him to deaty the way it does later with Ellie. Players would hate it, but they would be complicit.

| Wouldn't it be better to adjust the order of things happening in the game? For example, if we've got to play this long ass Abby backstory before we see her kill Joel in a really brutal way, before we develop this hate because of that action towards her? And then things turn out to be as they turn out to be. Imo that'd created a much stronger resonance inside player's hearts as they'd actually had a chance of accepting Abby as a decent character, forming a bond with her.

| She does have a nice background! But playing 8 fucking hours of these flashbacks right after you've finally found her to complete your revenge is just... what the fuck? I couldn't care less about her damn story, I just wanted all of this to end so that I could switch back to Ellie. It may be different if the order of presented events was a bit different, that's my guess

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| >>697436 iirc, when playing that scene on TLOU1, you don't actually need to kill any doctor to rescue Ellie and progress with what's left of the story. This possibilty can leave a big plot hole, since Abby's father would still be alive (probably)

| >>697546 you have to kill Abby's father or else he stabs Joel. The other doctors are optional.

| If was optional to injure Abby's dad, it would've made the story to part two a bit easy to go through. But then again, there could be plot holes(?) if that option were to exist idk...

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No you dont. I replayed through the game again like 2 days ago and he inly grabs the scalpel, never once attacks Joel.

| >>697800 he does attack Joel if he tries to get any closer without fighting

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