Anxiety from No Man's Sky

| From this game i feel similar kind of Anxiety what i felt in Spore... I mean, imagine that you want see ALL content but.. you can't? it's.. really scary feeling

| Sounds dumb

| Play gacha games in which you can't have all the content, unless you spend like 10k on one game. It should change you for good.

| >>697340 but i want to see all planets "^^

| >>697364 That anxiety i feel can go away when you strip the elements to their core. Yes there are infinite planets. But whats unique on them is not. They will be variations of what you already seen over and over. Once you look at it that way I think the exploration and feeling you'll never see it all falls away. If you play it enough you will see "all" of it. Just not in every different way.

| That's where space games fails on, add Starbound to the example case. Any how, Spore do have some secrets, like you can find the whole Solar System and destroy Earth. Spore targets to going to the center of the galaxy. No Man's Sky and Starbound targets you to evolve your tecnology and extract the materials of a planet.
The three also have creature collection.

This is how boring would it be if we were able to go to other planets. Once you have seen some planets there's nothing new

| But you can have your own challenges. In Spore you can conquist the whole Galaxy, in SB and NMS you can build your own house or even cities. Maybe you can be the richest commercian in the Universe.
These games are better if you rol them through challenges and not playing the "intended" way for casual players.

| So far the community went from loving unique findings to loving things we've seen a thousand times but are slightly different

| Wait, did NMS turn into actually good?
I stop reading about right after release due to disappointment. I knew it has been changing over time... but did it turn into something worth playing?

| >>697544 been 2 years since I last tried, they introduced true multiplayer, story mode and buildings, I know they have introduced more things but hadn't check them because I'm lazy to play it (for me I think it requires long play times in order to enjoy it)

| >>697559 to continue they introduced vehicles called exocrafts and there are a few types such as a bike, a small 4 wheel car type, a hovering type and a large 8 wheel type vehicle that's kind of like a armored vehicle, a submarine and they can all be upgraded with a few weapons and mods, there is also a mech suit they added recently, a whole power and lighting system with batteries, solar panels, wires, electromagnetic field generators, gas generators, a few large mining tools

| You have a underwater diving gear for deep sea exploring or well any body of water, there are living ships which are ships you hatch from eggs or catch in space that have organs instead of ship parts and they kinda make whale noises, there giants objects and creatures scattered in space so you might see a giant jellyfish or some other crazy thing. You can have many ships and also one giant freighter ship you can customize and use as your base plus much more

| It's definitely worth it if you never played. The game and studio is very well known these days because they turned what seemed like shit and empty promises into everything you wanted, everything they promised and more!

| >>697601
Ohh, I should add it to my wishlist then. I didn't know they changed it so much.
Thanks for the summary! :0

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