How did you get into Va-11 Hall-A?

| My friend made some posts about it and I got interested immediately. The aesthetic was very pleasing and "cyberpunk bartender action" sounded really badass. Though this happened a year ago, it was only this year when I got into it entirely.

| I heard about it on the sbf podcast. I think they said that it was cool that the event that would normally be be the main story just in the background. And I thought that sounded neat! and it was!

| I watched JackSepticEye play it (in 2016), and tried to pirate it, but I was too dumb to know how to open it.

Then, I bought it in 2019 (I think the switch trailer kept appearing in my recommendations, even though I don't have a switch), and I got re-interested in it, and bought it for my MacBook on the Humble Bundle site (^._.^)ノ♪~(´ε` )

| I know it waaay back, when the first prototype for the gamejam was made, or soon afterwards. Back when Gil was the main character and Jill didn't exist yet. Waited years for the game to finally be released, but the wait was worth it!

| If I remember correctly, I just stumbled upon it while browsing Steam and immediately fell in love with the game

| I found danger/u/ while looking through the appstore and downloaded it because it looked cool. I didn't even realize it was a real board. I thought it was just a little interactive reference to a phone from some game, so I deleted it. A couple months later I saw a trailer for the Vita port and remembered it as "the game from that app" and got it. Re-installed danger/u/ after that and sadly realized that my original belief was correct. Everyone on danger/u/, including me, is a bot.

| watched a let's play of it during new years eve and it seemed pretty cool lolol
Now years later just a lurker on dangeru

| I was watching someone stream it. They mentioned it'd be better if the viewers played for themselves first, so I did. It was nice.
Though, getting 100% was a pain because the Bullet Hell minigame's hitbox was a little jank. Dunno if it still is or not.

| >>696788 same here

| huh, i actually dont remember now

| >>696856 It's still jank.

I don't remember how I found the game, because before it I didn't really know about visual novels, cyberpunk, or bartending (I had the action part figured out though). When I played it I loved it immediately. Then, I found danger/u/, and loved it even more!

| A friend of mine gifted me with it for my birthday. He did so because I was going through a rough time in my life, and he felt I could really relate to Alma.

| >>697023
Weird, same here.
I do remember gifting it to a bunch of friends when I finished, and finding the app randomly while I was looking for something else. Glad I did!

| >>697160
This is beautiful.

| YouTube recomended me the ost. I loved the vibes and thought the album cover looked clean. Favorite indie game, favorite OST, and dangeru’s the only board I lurk on. The game was my gateway drug to cyberpunk.
lets all love lain

| My friends and I discussed the game since we're game devs. Pretty neat stuff looking in from the outside.

I was bored after charging my switch, and then saw the game on sale. I grabbed it immediately. It's really easy to fall in love with the game, if I'm going to be honest.

| I saw it in a post of "cyberpunk games that you should try before playing cyberpunk 2077" and also that Korean bartender how made the drinks irl

| Tbh I found out about it during the GFL crossover last year. Ended up getting into it a couple months later.

| A person on a discors server whom I respect highly praised the game, so I gave it a try. It was pretty good, did not disappoint.

| Was looking at new cracks on IGG-Games

| Was listening to the neotokyo ost sometime in 2016 on YouTube and it autoplayed, I listened to it enough times that I figured it was time to buy my first VN

| the day it released I saw it on the steam store. as soon as I saw some screenshots I knew I would love it

| GFL Collab event, i search in google later lmao

| It's nice to hear that new users came from the GFL event. GFL certainly gained many of us!

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