To the gurl who recommend SpaceCrawlers

| Thank you. Played 6 hours straight yesterday!

| You're welcome! It's such an awesome game!

Also it's StarCrawlers but whatev :p

What kind of party did you end up with? I'm running as Voidwoken with a support/virus hacker, a support/tank force user and a crit shotgun smuggler.

The Voidwokens dialogue choices are pretty weird but can be funny at times.

| Space, star, whatever. Same, same. It's all still about crawlin'!

I have a melee Force Psyker, The Prototype as a tank, an engineer as a second tang and an damage over time hacker or a burst assassin.

| The prototypes dialog choices are pretty neat too! xD Man, I just love this game.

| Sure looks neat. And with a soundtrack by Ben Prunty? Sign me the heck up! Kind of a shame it's only on PC though.

| >>696830 Like seriously, 10 hours in and I still fucking love this game. My best download sa far which was smaller than a gigabyte, lol. I highly recommend checking it out!

| This scratches my Shadowrun itch for sure. It's so awesome!

Btw is there a point/payoff in helping H.E.H.S or ?

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