So how long are your gaming sessions usually?

| The other thread got me curious. How many of you actually spend 6+ hours on a couch playing a game, and how many of you just play it an hour at a time? What kinda game do you play?

I usually only play an hour or two in one sitting, no matter the genre. I think I've been tempted up to four hours by The Sims and Civilization, but those are rare occasions.

I play games daily tho

| These days I play daily for about 6-8 hours or so. No matter what type of game I'm playing, I always end up spending a lot of time accompanied by my PC "^^ Right now I'm playing Rain World, Monster Hunter: World and Mechanicus, but as I've already said before, that doesn't really matter to me. Whatever the game is - I will spend days playing it non-stop

I also have no life, yes. That's basically what I'm saying

| Depends

| Usually I just do 1-2 hour sessions, but will do a couple of those in a day. On average I'd guess I probably end up doing around 3 hours daily.

| Depends, yeah. If I can just sit down and play without having to do anything else that day, I can play for 8+ hours, maybe more. Otherwise it's usually 1-2 hours. When my ADHD gets especially bad, those couple of hours can get split up into 20-30 minute chunks.

| 8+ hours when I can, on weekdays I have work and usually have much less time with overtime and random chores. Sometimes I just watch twitch, tired.

| Currently without a job and not many options left i probably play for more than 10 hours daily *smile*........please just end my suffering ;-;

| Normally about 1-3 hr a day. unless i found a good eroge then, it's a non stop till i get to 100% >i just play bunny black for 14 hour today btw.

| Pre covid, about 2 hours a day. Now, about 6-8 hours a day.

| Also glad to see this is more or less the norm

| somehow because of covid my gaming sessions are shorter, used to be around like 8 hrs or maybe even more on weekends but now i can barely manage to get 3 hrs in between classes and work

| To be honest, I have no idea, at least on the weekends.
I still have to go to work and stuff, so that's like 5 hours of gaming there.
But on the weekend, when I wake up, do my daily routine and I play games. After that, I just lose track of time. Next thing I know, instead of 9:00 am, it's almost midnight.

| Depends, but usually I play for 12 hours or more. Sometimes the whole day but I take lots of breaks in between to eat and stuff. Tho not everyday and I don't play games when I'm about to go to work usually

| I don't even play games anymore...

| Mostly 7 hours in one long sitting which is rare. I am on my computer for 12/13 hours daily and browse the web or play a little game for hour or less.

| When I'm playing rythm games it can be anywhere from one or two songs to an hour or two. RPGs make up the bulk of what I play, and I can easily spend 1/3-1/2 the day playing them. Yesterday I played Remnant for like 7-8 hours. I haven't touched the Witcher 3 in my switch since I shipped out in January, but between porting to the switch and me leaving I logged over 220 hours, and that's with me still playing other games. It depends on how invested I am.

| I usually play for 3-5 hours. Primarily Rocket League. Not every day.


| I'm surprised at how dedicated a lot of you are. I was always told I play too much video games, but I've got nothing on most of you.

| stayed up all night. easy 10+.

| I usually play MHGU 8-10 hours almost everyday but there's lots of downtime between hunts.

| Believe me, the only people who say 2+ hours a day is too much unironically are non-gamers, usually adults. Those same people can spend half a day watching reality TV and think it's perfectly fine.

| Gaming for even half the time the non-gamers watch TV in a day benefits your brain, your reflexes, problem solving, ability to make and execute a strategy, etc. Watching TV just provides entertainment with no engagement.

| 2-10 hours, depending on the day and my obligations. I usually settle around 3.

| 30-90 minutes probably and I don't play video games very often. Sometimes if I'm not depressed and I'm very into a game it can be 2-3 hours, which probably doesn't sound like a lot, but, to me it is.

That's if I'm alone though. If I'm with friends it can be for hours upon hours, just because it keeps me in a relatively good mood and is a lot more fun.

| I dont play games super often, but when i do I play for like 6-8 hours. I could probably go longer but i dont like to eat while i play, and food usually snaps me out of it. It's kinda why i dont play a lot of games, i just get uncontrollably sucked in.

| I, uh, may have learned how to hold crackers and individual chips between my knuckles so I could eat and game without getting food on my controllers...Honestly I think it's a neat skill for a gremlin like me to have.

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It's funny how you'd think quarantine would make me play games non-stop, but alas existentialism and personal crises win this round pretty well.

I wish I could touch my consoles more istg ;-;

| 5-7 hours during the weekday when I get home from work. Weekend wise is 1-11

| If I get invested on a video game, perhaps my play time would total to 5 hours in a day, but separated intervals. At most, I can only do an hour of gaming in one sitting.

| For me it depends on the game and the date.
These past few weeks I've been more free so I've dedicated somewhere in the 4-8 hours.
The type of game is ar fault too. If I play 2D Fighting games (Skullgirls usually) I give it 1h tops (after that, my hands are too tired).
If it's a sandbox type of game (Minecraft or Subnautica) I dedicate sometimes even 8 hours straight.
But my schedules change a lot depending on social stuff and moods. :T

| wake up, play, sleep, repeat

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Play some (a lot) yakuza. It's the only game in which I can forget about my worries

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