| Anyone here playing Phantasy Star Online 2?

It was released on steam the other day and I've been playing a shit ton of it lately, been enjoying it quite a bit.

Started an alliance with some friends but there's only 3 of us, would love to play with some more people.

| Sorry, I'm burned out on it after playing obsessively on the japanese servers three years ago

| Wanted to play it on steam but it's not available in my region. I used to play it from the windows store but it uninstalled itself

| I can't tolerate it's gameplay. I prefer getting stuck with Phantasy Star Portable 2 , Zero and Nova everytime I can (the latest is more or less PSO2 but I prefer it) It's a shame because I have been wanting to play it since Japan release but could never install it properly, not even when the Windows Store release even though I finally could play it but... Idk I don't feel it.

| >>696395
Damn that sucks, so you can't even play it from the windows store any more?

| >>696388
3 years is a long time, maybe long enough for ya to reignite the flame

| >>696398
You try the steam release?

| >>696421 I probably could try the windows store again but I don't want the same thing to happen again plus the download took a long while so I've been feeling real demotivated to play it again since I've missed so many events now.

| >>696789
Just get PSO2 Tweaker.

| i made a character

| What server is best?

| >>696885
Idk, don't think it matters, I play on ship 4

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