I can't recommend gaming to anyone because..

| Had anyone seriously recommend their SO to sit 8 hours straight on a desk or couch?

I mean let's be real, gaming could be 30 min mario kart session, but the gaming that we know and love refers to those hardcore gaming sessions where you attempt to finish something that felt like a part of your life.

| Maybe for some relationships you can't but with others they sit and experience that kind of thing together without a problem.

| Gaming as any other thing in the world is personal. People straight watch 12 hours of series or films and others watch a whole anime in a week (more than 100 chapters which is 20 mins each). And then there is people who just watch 1 episode per day and they enjoy it as one who sits all day.
The same as gaming, it's just what you enjoy.

| Gaming > social interactions, let's be honest here

| >>696215 good point. I will also not recommend anime from now on.

| I disagree with you OP. I love gaming, but those 8+ hour hardcore sessions are something I haven't really had, at all. Maybe on a few very rare occasions, but for me, gaming is something different to that.

It's an occasional escape. Some fun with friends. An entertaining thing to talk about. Something to appreciate despite not constantly doing it, and that's something I would honestly recommend anyone who might be interested.

| Op I have been playing games my entire life and I've never played for 8 hours straight and frankly I'm disturbed that it took a couple of replies for someone to mention this.

I usually only play an hour or two in one sitting. I think the most I did was 6 hours? And that only happened once or twice.

| Does OP watch a movie in its entirety or does he split it up in four 30-minute sessions?

| >>696316
Not op but I feel called out

| >>696316
do you also finish big-ass open world rpgs in one go?

| >>696320 Welcome to speedrunning

| >>696320
No, but I watch movies for longer periods than 30 minutes.

| >>696320
Do you know really think you made some kind of point there?

No matter what OP is doing it's fine to play a few hours every other day. Most gamers do, after all.

I think people who play for 8 hours straight are a minority and based on the responses in this thread OP is the only one who practices it. It's a very weird reason to not recommend a video game to someone too. Just, don't play for 8 hours if you don't see the value in it?

| >>696411

| >>696411 MMOrpg players and competitive game players may play 8 hours a day. But it's more seasonal, once in a while per week and never again for months or something like that.
Not so long ago I used to play for 8 hours or more games like Minecraft's SP, or alternating between various games, but because I had the time and wanted to chill or play, of course with pauses (I literally played Majora Mask when it released on 3DS straight 21 hours a full playthrough because I love it)

| But back at my first comment >>696215 this is just personal, you don't recommend the time to play a game or the time to spend on a film (people rewatch a movie more than 5 times in a month, I may watch it a second time after 5 years if I really liked it) you recommend THE GAME and THE MOVIE, the experience must be something personal.
There is nothing wrong in spending more or less time into something as long as the person doing it feels it has been worth.

| lol loser

| Ok not OP but I play games (rpgs, mmorpgs and sims) for 10+ hours in a session. Like I play for a whole day then take off a day to do something else lolol it'd be nice if I had someone to play games with since I heard/know so many ppl play with their SO or friends but for me I think that's just impossible lololol

| not a competitive player but I love being immersed in a game <3

| I uhh I've always played like 8+ hrs a session if I've got the time, if you play rpgs or mmos you basically have to if you ever want to reach end game

| >>696542
Or you can just, like, play them for a bit just to chill and not rush it like crazy.

| >>696561 I mean there's a difference between rushing and just playing a lot

also depends what you're playing and what you're going for

How long to beat says persona 5 is about 97hrs for main story or 112 for main + extras so 8hrs makes main story 12.125 days assuming you always manage 8hrs and don't take any days away, which is a pretty fast pace

But in something like a Bethesda rpg you could put that in easily and still have lots to do, same story with some MMOs

| >>696595
I just play Persona 5 for a little while whenever I feel like it, and maybe I'll finish it one day.

| >>696595 that's true lolol when I first played persona 5 I was playing a LOT! Like I once did a 48 hour session but it didn't feel like I was rushing it since there was a lot stuff to do on the side. Still need to pick up the royal edition tho lolol

| My eyes hurt from reading that, take me to Ekawa please

| ...just play however long you feel like playing. Simple as that. I can go from playing Cytus for an hour to playing Xenoblade Chronicles for half a day no problem. There's no specific length a play session has to be. It all depends on how much you want to keep playing the game. When I got Xenoblade Chronicles 2 I played it for like 16 hours the first day before I realized "I should probably eat something today" and did something else.

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