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How do I shut someone up

| My brother is shit at almost any game he plays and blames it on the game, the only thing he does is scream all day because he keeps dying to stuff and his console is in the middle of the house so I can hear him no matter where I go, how do I make him shut the fuck up?

| Hide his console and when he bitches about not being able to find it, say "Why do you care? All those games are 'bad' anyway."

| Sounds like the guy really needs to git gud, huh?

| How old is your brother? How precarious is your family situation? Is there anything in his life that might make him scream? Might just be using games as an outlet. Have you nicely tell him that his screaming is bothering you?

| On the other end of the spectrum from my evil hide suggestion, get him a game he can't possibly be bad at or rage at. Rhythm games really help me chill out even on hard songs.

| Have sex with them.

| tell that little shit to shut the fuck up

| >>c47e19 17, most problems family problems are with my sister, no he has no reasons to scream other than the game itself, yes I've told him

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This thread is permanently archived