The best time period for Minecraft

| What is your favourite version and era? For me it's from Beta 1.3 to Beta 1.7 but I also like the newer ones and Alpha versions. Beta 1.8 killed the original idea of Minecraft for me by adding RPG elements.

| Been playing since beta 1.8, and loved how the game was there and is now. The only gap I didn't liked was from 1.8 to 1.12 (mostly skipped them) and played on Console versions until Bedrock Edition which made me never touch Java Edition ever again and mainly play it on PC, for me it is superior both survival and map making on it.
Love the new versions but I'm sad they don't add as much as they did before (and the team behind Minecraft is bigger now) still waiting Mine update

| I like the recent updates, they add new stuff that makes the game feel more complete than before. What I like from modern minecraft is how they kept adding decorative blocks for making more sophisticated builds. The only way they can kill minecraft for me is if they decided to add new ore tiers like terraria did (netherite actually kinda counts. still having mixed feelings about it).

| >>695976 the whole Nether update tried to make the Nether possible to live but it still pretty much failed tbh. Till you get to the Nether you don't really have any reason to move there since by then you'll stack up on iron and diamonds thus leaving you with only getting the blaze rods so you can reach the End.

| Only someone who's interested in the Nether would actually move there from the overworld. I think they should make the Nether an actual alternative to the overworld with it's advantages over the surface and disadvantages for the player.

| Minecraft was fine at all times imo. Earlier community was smaller and hence comfier plus the game was new and less explored. Later it became mainstream but lotta cool new stuff was added to the game and around the game. I was around the game since 2012 and for me, personally, the best time was around 1.4x versions when mods became a thing.

| I don't remember which version it was but there was a huge boom of mods in one of them many years ago.

I remember playing with flinktlocks, and later on with a mod which added little minion dwarf-things which mined and built stuff for you and even a freaking civilization mod which made factions out of villages. It was awesome

| >>696004 speaking of mods there is a new modloader (fabric) in the block and people are hopping into the hype train. many mods were ported and newer mods only support it. the dev environment seems friendly too with most mods hosted on github with active issues page (including the modloader itself). the only problem with it is that it doesn't support Optifine so the shader kids won't switch yet but so far I found many neat QoL mods for it that has outdated forge counterparts.

| 1.7.3 beta was my first version and thus is my favourite

| >>696323 At first back on 1.0 and forward I found curious mods but time passed and I find them boring, a mess to play and to install, and breaking the purpose of Minecraft which is play as you want.

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