Apparently the dev behind the "Yansim in 2 weeks" is a pedophile

| Guess we'll never get a decent anime hitman while the devs are too busy with children

Funny enough, people still simp for the game because it's not Yansim even though they hate Yansim for the same things this dev has done.

Is it really that hard not to be pedophile? jesus christ, this year won't end

| holy fuckin lol

| Pls share links

| Sauce?

| You sound like being a pedo is a bad thing

| >>7bd398 as opposed to what?! Breath of fresh air?

| ok, so? i've hung out with nazis and witch doctors, what do i care

| can't find sauce, OP. Only things online are accusing YanDev of pedophilia and they're from reddit posts with no screenshots.

| The management behind that game is shit. The volunteers and moderators have caused several dramas alone. I have been following this drama daily and I haven't really seen anything about DrApeis being a pedo though.

| Pedos get the wall

| I could care less as long as the game is decent but the management for it is starting to cannibalize itself. It's turning into a shit show real fast.

| oh my god stfu lmao. it would be shitty if yandev gets cancelled for being a pedo because that would mean people are ok with him making a scapegoat out of volunteers and the community time and time again, has awful work ethic, make empty promises etc but somehow not ok with him looking at cartoon porn

| wait i misread the title fuck me i gues

| Proof or btfo

| >>696209
Wait, is he an actual pedophile or just likes weird hentai? There is a difference.

| Who cares

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