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What are some first person DRPGs (dungeon crawlers) for Switch?

| Something in the vein of Labyrinth of Refrain or Moero Chronicle, but not as horny. Like, I don't mind the regular anime bullshit, but please don't have the characters *nearly* raped (looking at you, Labyrinth) and don't have the MC power up the girls party by "releasing his desire" on them and rubbing them all over.
Mary Skelter also looks decent, but it's unavailable in my region.

I guess in the end I'm looking for something like Etrian Odyssey or 7th Dragon, but on Switch.

| Well, I was gonna recommend Labyrinth of Refrain, so, fuck. I honestly haven't seen any FPDRPG that looks even remotely decent on Switch aside from, well, LoF.

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Well, I'm not completely against LoF, I guess. Does it get over its horny "potato" references at some point? How's the gameplay at later points? Does it overstay its welcome by stretching itself out with meaningless grind to get all 40 or so dolls up to speed? I've also heard that the bosses are stupidly massive difficulty spikes, how true is that?

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Homie, I'm not some sweaty cunt. I played it for, like, 12 hours to pass the time while being institutionalised. Just go read a review or something.

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Damn, g/u/rl, sorry, I guess..?
Just thought I could get some more raw opinions from someone who actually played the game of their own volition and isn't necessarily bound by the review format.

Anyway, has anyone played The Lost Child? The premise sounds pretty interesting, although I'm more into regular fantasy stuff. The demon capturing/evolving mechanic seems equally captivating and tiresome at first glance.

| It's hard to recommend DRPGs for the switch as there really aren't many. The vita was a goldmine for them though.

I played The Lost Child but fell off of it pretty quickly (after the first dungeon). I'd probably put it in the bottom rung of drpgs that I've played, at about the same level as Mind Zero if you've ever played that.

| I just remembered that Stranger of Sword City is getting ported to the switch in a bundle with another drpg that's never been released in the west before. Definitely recommend getting that when it comes out.

If you're okay with older games, there's Sega Ages Phantasy Star

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Yeah, you'd think Switch would have more games of this genre, but for some reason it's just not the case.

Oof, Mind Zero was rough at best. I see, well, that's a shame.

I remember starting SoSC a couple times, but rerolling stats, having to grind ambushes and permadeath made me drop it. Plus the production value is kinda so-so. Wonder if that other game's any better?

I've played PS already and I kinda don't really want to revisit it. Plus I'd like something more modern.

| Still waiting for Etrian Odyssey on Switch by the way. It will come... Eventually... Right..?

| >>695959 assuming that the 3ds is officially dead, it's only a matter of time until Etrian Odyssey on the switch

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How do you think it will work though? A major part of Etrian Odyssey is drawing the map. Even with the touch screen it'll be a bit unwieldy, I think.

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Quite frankly, cartography will probably have to be replaced with an automap. So while that makes a direct EO sequel unlikely, maybe we can get some kinda spiritual successor by the same team that still keeps the other mechanics.

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