What is the best gacha game?

| Shill your game you spent money for PNGs on.

| kancolle need least amount of money but huge sum of efford

| Girl's Frontline.

| All gacha games lag like hell on my phone other than Fire Emblem Heroes, so Fire Emblem Heroes is the best!

... It's also very generous to free players, have a large chunk of content (but not too large that I have to grind), a genuinely good tactical battle system, a good balance between male and female characters, and a variety of great art that allows its individual artists' style to shine through.

| Girls Frontline if you like story and grinding
Arknights if you like good gameplay (Story's alright but I find it far too confusing for my small brain)

| i like granblue, always has something you need to do. i have no idea how to play that game and im really casual tho.

is the va11halla collab ever gonna rerun on gfl? i missed it and i kinda dont wanna start gfl if ill never get the girls

| >>695430

rumor says it might.

| there used to be a game called million chain that was really fun and kinda generous. the game's service ended so now i only play crash fever.

| The only gacha (if it's a gacha) I've played is love live

| >>695431 how true can this rumour be?

| Gurls we all know the best gacha game in existence is Neko Atsume

| Destiny child is also quite generous to free players, but you do need to grind some daily content to max the gacha currency you get

| Also willing to stand behind Arknights, been loosing myself in it the past couple days

| Try Epic Seven, I think it has the best anime-styled animation that is not a chibi model

| >>695473 is that an actual gacha? I briefly googled it and it seems nice to me, but it's all in Japanese, so I don't understand shit. I'm not a big simp for 2d girls, but cats I adore in any form.

| Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3, very little to no gacha.

| Btw I have kina large experience with brave frontier. I would recommend it 4 years ago, but rn game is too complicated and time consuming so I won't.

| Does Xenoblade Chronicles 2 count? If so, I played the fuck out of that game for like 260 hours. The unique Blade characters you can gacha are awesome to look at.

| >>696011
Someone... doesn't know what Neko Atsume is? Oh BOY!

The mobile game is in English, don't worry! It's not really gacha in that you "pull" them. Basically you set up food and toys around a house and then you leave the phone for a bit. When you come back there might be cats playing.

The cats have names and distict markings and sometimes personalities. When you meet one, it'll get recorded in your book.

It's very cute and chill and just nice to open every now and then!

| >>695455

No idea. Two things are for sure though. Kiririn & Ironic Lark are huge GFl weebs, and MICA are huge VA-11, Hall-a weebs.

So its totally possible.

| Bang Dream, because playing it is actually fun.

| I'm a huge FE fan so I play a lot of Heroes. The game is pretty generous, although it also has a problem with powercreep.

| >>696515
Yeah the powercreep is definitely a thing, but it warms my heart to see some people still pouring their love for an old unit by giving it good skills and lots of merges. Plenty of ways to make old units viable in high-level play.

| There's no such thing as a good or the best gacha. They're all total garbage.

| >>696560
good point

| Bang Dream is best gacha game. I love that unlike most other gacha rhythm games, you can play even if you don't have "energy", which is good because I like to listen to a lot of the songs. As far as gameplay it's a pretty simple rhythm game, but I'm often surprised how varied the beatmaps are despite that. I really love the characters too. It's not too hard to pull the ones you want without selling your soul, but as you can see by this post I have definitely sold my soul anyways.

| Girls Frontline. It demands a century of grinding out of you, but damn it gets good content. Ever expanding and making new girls. Story is good too.

| sinoalice is good if you care about actual plot or how all characters function similarly so you'd only be doing gatcha for weapons (which aren't too hard to get) or gatcha for different versions of characters

plus it has an actual story. nier reincarnation looks like it's going to be the best gatcha though, considering how it's also yoko taro.

| >>697130
I first played SinoAlice during the global release and the load time between the menu screens was excruciating, especially since I'm the kind of person who likes to hop around the menu often.

Is that ever a problem on your end?

| I like GFL.
Also, does Mahsoul count as a gacha? If so, I like that too.

| >>697141 I started like a week after launch and have played it daily since then, I've only ever had like two crashes on an old Samsung tablet and it's run fine on an iPhone 7. It might have been a bug then that got fixed or just your device, so you might want to try it again!

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