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YandereSim demo actually released

| Never would have thought

| Too bad it's still shitty as hell. How much more time is needed to make this game at least decent? Another decade?

| >>693784
Another team should honestly take the idea and run with it

| >>693784 expected release date is dd.mm.20XX, you have high chance to survive it ^^

| Another tried and Yandev threatened to kill himself if I remember.

| >>694622

He shoulda, just proves he's a bitch all around

| I think one "fan" project was cancelled specifically because people started to call it the yansim killer and for some unknown reason the dev of said project actually respected yandev.

| The main problem is that the game's idea itself sucks. No matter how much money, time and effort is put into this thing, it won't be able to turn up as something at least decent

| What do you believe more? Yandere Simulator or Star Citizen?

| My computer crashed while playing the demo.
I can't say much about the demo because this game is barely playable, welp.

| Forgot this game was still in development. The guy has no rush finishing the game as long as keeps getting his monthly patreon bux

| LMAO I remember Osana was supposed to be released in 2 weeks... 2 years ago..

| Frankly the guy is such a hack he's gonna become augmented and insist that the next rival will be finished after like 99999 years of waiting

| atleast its progress, shitty progress but dont forget why were all here, were here to see that game come to life

| >>695186 While people want it to be a reality not everyone wants it from Yandev. Many don't even like where he has taken the game. The problem (purely with development) is that he is irresponsible. He needs a team. And he needs better management. He wants to be a personality but that isn't going to get his game finished.

| >>693791 There one iirc, but not as well known since it's not memeable like yansim.

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This thread is permanently archived