Been thinking about the fan of my Nintendo Switch

| So I got it on release and I remember it got noisy sometimes while playing Botw but I could play confy in portable mode. But nowadays the noise is constant while playing Animal Crossing or really any 3D game and I'm not sure how intentional the noise is. I know my fan should be replaced but I'm tired of having to replace anyhing about Switch like Joycon joysticks or back buttons... all this makes me not want to play the Switch at all anymore I feel like wasting time and money...

| Make sure your switch stands in a well ventilated space.

| >>684689 In docked mode I make sure it's in an open ventilated space, it's still noisy but I take it as a normal videogame device behaviour because of docked mode. But in portable mode as the console is nearer to me I can't un-notice the noise as if the console was overclocking all the time, it never gets hot (or not hot enough so the console itself turns off because of it).

| Huh yeah that's concerning. The fan on my Switch can be loud while playing docked, but it's barely audible over the TV anyway. In handheld it was never a problem. Then again I've only had it for a year

Is it still bad even when you're playing smaller games? When you're not playing any game at all?

| For example in games like Streets of Rogue, The Binding Of Isaac and Cadence of Hyrule it's like there is no fan at all, it may sound once in a while but it's not as loud as playing other games like ACNH.

| >>684908 When no playing games it depends. Initial boot it sounds but stops after a while. After having played a game it takes sometime until it stops (I guess, I really had never the patience to wait). If going to Home menu while playing it's the same case, stops being a little loud. So I guess is whenever it detects the console is hot that it goes loud.

| >>685152
Huuh. I'm thinking it might not be a problem with your fan and more the processor overheating when it shouldn't. Not sure what you can do about it though. Maybe avoid playing major games for a while. Turn it off (not sleep mode, actually off) overnight. If you've been doing that already, keep it on but sleeping overnight.

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