I want my passion for games to come back

| I haven't been able to play video games in a very long time. I don't get joy from them and don't have the motivation to sit down and play them.

I still love video games. I watch gaming content, I'm a big fucking nerd when it comes to game design, I can gush about games and game mechanics and shit all day. I just can't play them anymore, and I really wish I could.

When I try I usually just feel depressed and unmotivated and can't focus on them at all and it becomes a chore.

| Take a break from it all for a while, even reading about them, and read some books and stuff instead like stuff from Louis L'Amour. You're burnt out, like eating your favorite food all the time. Additionally, it's easy to get demoralized nowadays.

Then consider getting back into it by going back to basics, when you feel like it. Maybe play a romhack of LttP or something.

I went through the same thing and did that. Pretty successful.

| To elaborate, I think that the main reason you don't enjoy it much anymore is because it's become routine and because it's been allowed to become somewhat arbitrary. Taking some time off for a while will let you sort of reset and recontextualize why you want to play games at all. Right now there's a disconnect between input and expected output. Think of it like going on a roller coaster vs living on one.

It's also possible that it has to do with actual, clinical depression.

| >>684641
You might think that's the main reason, but it just isn't. I've never been the type to play video games all day and I don't play them when I don't feel like it, and I haven't "felt like it" in over a year. I've had, like, a couple days or two where I've played a few hours, and when I'm with friends I can play games just fine, but that's because I'm happy from being with them.

I don't think I have clinical depression but no shit I'm depressed.

| I feel tgis way a lot because i get super exiwtential and think "haha look at you sitting here racking up imaginary numbers that will never impact your real life"

But like fuck that. Games are for enjoyment. To experience a story, to get attached to chara ters and to hate well written enemies and to nerd out w others over. I hope you are able to enjoy playing em again soon.

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I don't think that way at all. I don't give myself shit for playing video games. It's just difficult to enjoy really anything when I'm on my own. It's kind of dumb.

Not only am I depressed which makes it hard to enjoy it, but I'm an extrovert who only has introvert hobbies. Most of the games I enjoy are single player, but it's hard for me to play single player games when I'm by myself because I get depressed and crave social interaction.

| I might try to play something today because I haven't tried in a really long time now, but, yeah. We'll see.

| >>f042e7 I feel you here man. This is tough for me too, especially with the pandemic.

| >>684910
It was like this for me before the pandemic is the thing though, and then it got way worse after it hit.

| >>684913 That sounds pretty rough. I'm sorry g/u/rl. For me, my joy started to come back when I became more satisfied and secure with other parts of my life (relationships, work, etc.) Idk if you're having any background stuff that could be contributing.

| >>685064
I'm a dropout, the chance of me getting the job I'm trying to get is very low, I don't have a partner, but I do have some amazing friends. All the things I used to do aside from playing video games are closed because of COVID. So, you know how it be.

| >>685075 I'm sorry to hear it. Life can definitely be rough sometimes. The bad times arent forever though. Things can get better

| >>685218
I know. They're gonna get better. I'll make sure of it. To be honest I'm doing surprisingly well considering the circumstances, though, being able to play video games again would be really nice though.

| Well, I did it!

| I manage to play about 2 hours of RE4. I've been meaning to play the Ada campaign for, like, 2-3 years, so I played, like, half of it. Hopefully I'll finish it tomorrow.

I didn't feel a lot, but, I felt something and it was kinda fun. I'm kind of proud even if that might sound weird.

| >>685746 Nice! I'm glad you had some fun with it :D I never tried out RE, but a lot of my friends are big fans

| >>685767
RE4 is one of my favourite games, so I highly recommend it. That's probably also why I was able to play it. I've never played any of the extra stuff before though, so I'm glad I finally got the motivation to do so.

| Try to immerse yourself in a multiplayer world, MMOs are great fke that, especially games that make you matter to the story, like Desiny. It helped me get back into gaming, so did Warframe, just take it one step at a time g/u/r/l.

| >>685786
I appreciate the thought homie, but I hate grinding and those types of games usually make me feel, like, not great. Idk why. I liked Destiny 2, but I just blasted through the main story with some friends and then dropped it. I tried Warframe and couldn't stand it. I feel like I should enjoy those games, but I just don't.

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