Favourite Platform Fighters

| What's your favourite platform fighter?

Mine is Smash Ultimate because I'm a basic fag.

| melee

| Mine is Brawlhalla because I'm poor.

| >>684327 same

| Does Smash even have any serious competitor in the genre? Even Brawlhalla is known as "like smash but it's free"

| >>684380
Rivals of Aether is probably the most serious of the bunch, but it still didn't take off at all and probably wouldn't even be considered a competitor. So no, not really.

| >>684392
Rivals of Aether isn't doing poorly, but a lot of the people who play it play it because "Smash game with mods". It's a solid game though, but I feel like it's mostly played very casually.

| Rivals of Aether and Elsword. Don't recommend playing Elsword though, it's a waste of time in my opinion. I should know, I wasted 4 years of my life and never really accomplished anything on there

| I tried the Shovel Knight fighter for a bit, but it was weird since I never really played fighting games before. It seemed to be pretty decent though.

| >>684436
Oh, damn. I've played it myself but never heard anyone else talk about it.
It's completely unbalanced. Some characters are useless, some are kinda okay and one or two are just completely broken. It's fun to play though.


| >>685188
Fuck yeah!

| >>684444 I play that too! Not as much as I would like, but it's good for parties.

| >>685197
For playing with others I usually stick to Smash, but I'd like to play the Shovel Knight one more to be honest. I feel like you can do some pretty sick stuff there.

| I like melee because it feels so clean compared to ultimate but I'm really fucking bad

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