Thoughts on Carrion the game?

| So the game finally got green lit on steam and I was wondering if it's worth it to play?

| Good shit. It's fun, it's innovative, but unfortunately it is also SHORT.

| >>684068 for some people, brevity is a selling point. How long did it take you to finish Carrion?

| >>684147
Like 4 hours or so? Brevity is nice, but it is TOO short.

| >>684169 Was there anything like hanging plot threads? Levels that feel half finished? Was the gameplay generally shallow?? What would make the game feel like it lasted for as long as it needed to?

| It is indeed a fun game to play, though you somewhat get lost when trying to find the exit to advance to the next level. Kinda wish there was a map or a radar to help you. Also it wouldn't hurt to have some bosses to add to it too

| 4 hours???- AngryJoe
Im gonna wait for sale then

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