To vr or not to vr?

| Agonizing over this.

Been so tempted to splurge and get a vr headset, but it's so stupidly expensive where I live and it just doesn't feel worth it atm, but I want it so bad. Reee, your input?

BTW: only headset that's viable to get here is the HTC vive pro, they literally don't have anything else available here unless I ship it from overseas buy doing that is also stupidly expensive and sketchy

| Wait for when VR sets are good and VR experiences are good. Right now the only people who buy VR is people who buy newer versions by time, so the first VR they got it's probably thrown at some trash can.
Also that means that in future it should be cheaper, and if not at least it will work. But right now VR is in a beta state.

| VR is great but you should definitely wait

| VR is pretty great, but is definitely only worth the standard U.S. pricing, definitely wait until you don't have to pay a premium.

| I'm having fun with VR but it's not essential by any means. probably worth waiting for the tech to improve and the price becomes more accessible

| Somewhat decided to save for the next 6 months then reevaluate the situation, see if I'm still as interested and if it's any cheaper.

At the current price of getting a headset here I could literally buy a car.

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