touhou is so fucking stressful

| but i can't stop playing it. what is this sorcery?

| Same goes for me

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git gud
i started playing in november '16 and now i beat most of the games on lunatic without any problem

| Furi stresses the fuck out of me sometimes, but I still love it. Fighting Mysterious Bernard can test my patience sometimes though...I guess we've hardwired our brains to keep throwing us at hard games until we beat them.

| it's fun

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Buddy I've been playing for ten years and I still have only 1cc on Normal once.

Touhou is fun though. If I just go with the flow it's actually relaxing. And no shame if you can only play on lower difficulties. Not everyone can be the gurl I just replied to.

| Ehh easy modoo? Nah i'm suck at the game too, still passable on normal tho.

| Some insight into why we actually keep playing hard games:
So not a lot of sorcery involved, really, just our brains being dumb.

| Maybe I'm weird but I don't usually get stressed over games, or maybe I'm so constantly stressed from real world stuff I just don't notice anymore

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