| You guys should check this out. I've bmhestd a lot of people link it back to VA-11 Hall-A and honestly I can see why. Anyone here played it? Care spoilers g/u/rls if you decide to discuss it <3

| What the hell happened to that one word. Supposed to be "heard". Anyway, I just finished it today. I had been waiting soooo long for it and the wait paid off. There are a few small things that could be worked on but it's nothing majorly gamebreaking :o

| Still waiting patiently for the Switch version. I doubt it'll run in my potato PC.

How is it? I get the vibe that it's a lot more plot-focused than VA-11 Hall-A (which is more slice-of-life)

| Is it a VA-11 Hall-A about dead or undead people? Because that's right up my alley.

| >>682876 kinda. It's also got it's own style, and is it's own unique thing. I was expecting Coffee Talk to scratch that itch VA-11 Hall-A left, but it really didn't. I liked the game, but it just didn't feel... Idk, unique I guess? It felt like it was trying to be VA-11 Hall-A in some way. Idk, it's hard to explain. What I'm trying to say is that Necrobarista doesn't have that problem. It's it's own thing, just like how VA-11 Hall-A was it's own thing.

| i thought it was "Necobarista"...nevermind, i'll try the game btw

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