RE:"is nintendo switch worth $600?"

| some of you might remember a thread from a few months back by an eastern european gurl who wanted a switch but couldn't find one for under $600. so, i'm back, and i'm happy to say that i did manage to grab a new 2nd revision switch for $310. it was totally worth waiting a couple months to have it delivered from a neighboring country by my relatives. i only got breath of the wild so far but that should last me a long while.
so that's the end of that, if anyone was still interested

| Gratz gurl, thanks for the update.

| Congrats gurl. Hope you have fun with it

| Nice !

| Awesome! Botw is a masterpiece, enjoy!

| Pssst if you don't mind digital copies you can check eshop-prices . Com or similar sites to see what region is the least expensive, switch isn't region locked and you can just go on the site change your region relog in the switch buy and switch back

| I've really been enjoying the Switch as a mobile indie box. Stardew and Gungeon on mobile is lit af fam.

| >>682855
yeah i've already picked a region that's more or less generally low in eshop prices and accepts my debit card, i don't think i'll switch regions constantly

this is definitely true for me as well! i caved and got gungeon on switch already, and my backlog is fairly extensive already

| ^~^

gr8 nooz!
have fun. I hope to follow suit soon, just gotta save a few more pay periods

| Ay! I do remember, and I'm glad you got it for an okay price. I hope you enjoy your Switch!
Also, I can't recommend Smash Ultimate enough. The console is honestly worth it just for that game.

| >>682764 Please enjoy! Also what other games do you think you might want in the future?

BOTW I played for months straight when I first got it.

| op here, thanks everyone for your warm responses!

smash is definitely something i have been thinking about getting, but no one among my friends is really into it and i am not really competitive enough to play online solo

if everything goes well i will be picking up astral chain soon, and i really want to get the newest fire emblem but it is kind of hard to find a physical copy around here. but for now i am more than content with botw and some indies

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Hmm. When I bought a Switch and Smash when that came out, none of my friends really played it either, but they started playing it because I made them and then they loved it. There was a while where I just played against CPU though, so it's understandable if you don't buy it any time soon.

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well i might give it a try later on, i did enjoy sm4sh quite a bit after all.

also i have noticed a bit of a problem with the analog stick on the right joy-con, whenever i tilt it to the left and then back to center there's a metallic scraping sound, like a spring contracting/stretching. is that normal? the sound is a little annoying, but it seems to function normally. i can not send it in for repairs, should i try to open it up and take a look myself?

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Huh that definitely does not happen to my joy-con.

| >>683036 I was the person you responded to. Great choices in mind, also as a big FE fan I hope you find Three Houses soon.

| >>683266
I don't think that's normal. If it works it works, but, I don't think it should be like that.

| >>683322
yeah mine doesnt make that sound either. but I've seen joycon teardown and I dont think you can't really do anything about the internals of the analog stick itself

| >>683266 My left joycon makes that sound when I tilt up, I don't think it's a problem though

if you get the joycon drift you should be able to send it to Nintendo to fix free (check their policy for were you live though)

| >>683280
thanks, me too! this is probably the most excited i have been for a fe game since por/rd.

oh well. maybe i could just replace the stick, but i do not hold much faith in the quality of bootleg analog sticks. i wonder if compressed air or contact cleaner could help with this issue.

i doubt nintendo has any policy for where i live, they barely recognize the existence of my country. even eshop is unavailable here, so i had to pick a different country.

| Probably right unfortunately I don't think it'll be much of an issue very soon though I played smash with joycons for a year with the noisy one and don't have drift still so you'll probably be fine for a while at least

| >>682818 no it's not. Empty and ginormous world. Mediocre side contents. Korok seed farming is garbage. Shrines are repetitive and uninspired. Sidequests are either "bring me this and that" or "go kill this" or "find that for me". It's an incredibly flawed game.

| >>683425
okay, that is reassuring, thanks

please do not start that here. it is still very enjoyable even with those flaws in mind. plus this is a happy thread and i would prefer to keep it as such without pointless arguments

| Weird, in the UK, there are tons of Switches for sale...

| >>684040
must be good living in the UK

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