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| I fuckin love all the Rayark games, and I've played some other random ones like Sweet Dance, Beat Blade, Lost In Harmony, etc. Who can recommend some other really good rythm games? It doesn't matter what system, or how old it is. I'm already planning to get Beat Saber in the near future.

| TRRT (Terrorhythm)

| Crypt of the Necrodancer is a must.

| I'm pretty sure you didn't mention them because it's so obvious, but just in case: Lanota, Arcaea, Tone Sphere for mobile.

| polytone for mobile is good. beat saber is in another class, though.

| Terrorhythm...I seem to remember trying that once. I'll need to check it out again when I get the chance. I'll take any chance to play a new rythm game.

| I used to play osu! few years back. Good times, bad times.

| DJMAX series. I have played one of the game in an arcade shop like ten or so years ago. All the songs in it are really good.

| Muse dash is a waifu filled cutesie rhythm game that could worth your time.

| If you got a PSP or its emulator, try the Patapon series. You play as the god of a one-eyed tribal race, and you strike drums to the beat to issue commands. Then you smite everything. Is good shit.

| other osu! game modes that aren't standard. i usually play standard but mania and taiko are always a good time for me. not a fan of catch the beat tho. and i think that one barely passes as a rhythm game

| Project Mirai DX is my most favorite one to date.
+1 for Muse Dash, too.

| djmax trilogy/respect, musynx, groove coaster, and of course the taiko games

| Clone hero is pretty fun. Osu! and Stepmania are good too. Cytus 1 and 2 are really fun mobile games, but they you have to pay for some of the song packs.

| All welcome recommendations. These are definitely going on my list.

| Dynamix anyone??? one of the hardest if not the hardest rhythm games i played in mobile and the music there mostly are EDM's

| >>683624
The gameplay is interesting, but I don't dig its music at all. Maybe it's just the early-game music, but they're just too repetitive for me.

| Where the Parappa the rapper fanbase at???

| groove coaster! the arcade machine is best, but the android port isn't bad.

| >>683943
There's a switch version :o

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