Why are the Trails games so good?

| Cause they're real good yall

| Man I'd love to get into it but I dunno if I can stomach another 60-hour RPG, much less a whole *series* of 60-hour RPGs.

| I'm currently stomaching 3 60-hour RPGs that feels like 90-hour each (because who doesn't try to finish all side quests when playing JRPG) at the rate of 4-8 hours a week (it used to be 20-30 hours until I realized I have work to do) and I'm definitely not going anywhere. >>682731

| >>682731 eh, at least it ends. Still much better than online multiplayer games that never ends and later only being fun because you play it with your friends.

For trails, I played the first game on steam. Finished it and it didn't catch me; I'd put it above Tales series. The game is really boring at the school part.

| I got bored to death by the first Trails in the Sky game. It's really good, but also really dense and REALLY slow.

| Yah, the games definitely arent for everyone, but I really enjoyed the slowness of the plot. You really feel like the world is alive outside of what you are doing in it. It takes a while for the really meat of the story to kick in because it takes a while for your characters to be important enough to be involved with it.

I can see why people wouldn't dig that though o=

| They're not bad.

I've only played Trails in The Sky 1 and 2 which, while feeling kinda like pc games from the turn of the millennium, were actually quite engaging (way better than Legend of the Heroes series in every regard).

| Are Zero and Ao the best?

| >>682946 so far I've played sku 1-3, cold steel 1, and ive almost finished zero. My personal favorites are 1 and 2, but zero is close on their heels. I just love Estelle :3

| >>682907
Wait isn't Trails in the Sky part of the Legend of Heroes? Isn't Legend of Heroes the name of the whole series and Trails is a subseries of that and Sky is a subseries of Trails?

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