Japan exclusive Psvita games

| What's the best place to find them, both physically and digitally? I've had a longtime obssession with the BRS series and I really want to get the game to at least experience it even if I can't have it.

| Play Asia

| Legally: create PSN Japan account.
True Legally: Use PKGJ, Sony doesn't even care if you pirate their console as they killed the Vita on release. Plus you get to use translation patchs, homebrew apps and whole access to PSP's japan exclusive games that you can't find on the PSN store.

Oh and you can overclock your PS Vita to play it the way it was intended.

| Also, you want to get BRS why? The European and Japanese versions are identical PSP games. Its available in the PSN Store by default.

| I just checked to be precise: BRS even though its a PSP game, in the European PSN Store (Spain at least) it's in the PS Vita games section, between A-C list of games at a price of 19,99€

| Nicoblog has some.

| Thanks for the tips, gurls.

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