Longest Fetch Quest in Video Game History

| What's the longest one?

I saw the fetch quest in Deadly Premonitions 2 and Christ that is tedious as fuck.

There are vendors all over the city and you have to visit each one looking for one can of food. Then you have to get another can from a restaurant that only serves it on a Monday so fuck you if you start the quest on a Tuesday. Forget where you get the third one.
Then you have to do a bunch of hunting. Left out some details, but it looks like a pain

| Majora's mask was like this

| Also, the lighthouse gems quest from Ultima 9
Look it up, it's a total joke

| >>682656 the game was fetch quest

| >>682672 lmao. Aren't most zelda games? Tho, the bolson quest in botw. The ending isn't even good like I don't care if this guy gets married I want my compensation in rupee.

| >>682744 well the quest gives you acess to the best cityvin the game where you can buy any rare itens, all arrows, minerals and some rare armor and you can replace the hylian shield

| Not long at all, but goofy and potentially annoying: finding the right Bodh to get new magic from in Bard's Tale. Fierce Deity in Majora, Biggoron Sword in Ocarina, probably some in the Witcher I can't think of.

| I've been playing Death Stranding recently, and taking alternate routes to avoid BTs or mules has turned into a 30 minute delivery once or twice so far.

| Now that I think about it, the Blacklit Planet pins in The World Ends With You kinda count. They're anywhere between meh and good alone, but to get the set bonus for all SIX you have to either trial and error or know which bosses have them on what difficulties. Then you have to drop your level (and HP) down if you need to up the drop chance a good amount. Worth it though. Overpowered as fuck.

| >>682744 I don't think the quest was too bad personally. Plus Tarrey Town itself is pretty useful if you really love to abuse arrows, like for when you are grinding dragon horns.

| >>682752
That's not a "fetch quest" though isn't it? It's more a self-imposed postgame challenge.

| Summer of Mara is a pure delight for fetch quest whores.

| >>682792 Summer in Mara I mean, it's out on Switch recently

| >>682846 >>682845 Wrongly tagged. Fuck.

| The requirements to unlock Deneb in Tactics Ogre.

You have to find her shop as it travels to different towns depending on the day of the week. Then you have to tame 3 of every type of dragon (so 36 separate dragons, with many only spawning sometimes on specific maps), as well as dive into the post-game dungeon for the chance of spawning and enemy who has the CHANCE of dropping a Crystal Pumpkin, of which you need 30.

| Also you have to track down and defeat her doppleganger, and finally only then will you be allowed to recruit her special class....and start training it from lv 1 when your party is between lv 30 and 40.

| >>682744 yes they are. Let's not get into Korok seed farming. It's the most tedious BS ever.

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