Hack and Slash meets Bullet Hell

| I never knew I needed this mashup until I found Furi. It's kinda weird, it's one of the shortest, most story-light games I've ever played, but it's also one of the best games I've ever played. The little nuggets of story that The Voice feeds you between fights give just enough to interest you in the world of Furi, and not enough to fully satisfy your thirst for more story details. The music and art style are absolutely amazing compared to like 95% of games I've played, and oh man

| the combat is some of the best I've dealt with. They boil it down to just the sticks and ABXY, plus triggers if you want, and that simplicity combines with complex boss patterns to make for such satisfying fights. The variety in the bosses also makes it a fun experience. I can go from being a Duck Hunt duck fighting the Burst to playing For Honor or Bushido Blade against the Edge. I just fucking love this game. And don't get me started on how it feels to beat Mysterious Bernard.

| This mash-up also exists with Nier Automata. Get it too, g/u/rl. That is if you don't mind THICC robot girls and an existential crisis.

| Furi is pretty damn good. It wasn't for me, but I watched someone play through the game and it was pretty fucking sick to look at.

| thought this was a nier gestalt/replicant thread

kainé for smash

| The Nier series is definitely on my list. I watched a little of Galm playing it and I was immediately into it. Sexy murder waifus is just a bonus. And it's a good old level based RPG!

| >>682698

just remember that murder waifus are not a good reason to enter nier.

nier gestalt and replicant will tear you a new one with how fucked up it gets, and nier automata will deceive you into being happy and then brutally take everything away from you.

if you want to play a game for waifus, do not play nier. if you want to play a game for the plot and are prepared to see some disturbing shit, then play nier.

and we haven't mentioned drakengard yet.

| just a disclaimer because really despise how most people still think it's a porn game.

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