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Co-op games

| Any good co-op games you know?

| Portal 2

| Cry of fear if you want spooks. It's also free.
Outward is kinda boring alone, but can be a great relaxing game with a friend.
Rimworld has a co-op mod. And that's scary.
Factorio. No-brainer. Even scarier.
Any Civ game.
Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory for stealth.
Divinity : OS 1 or 2. It's essentially as close to DnD as you gonna get without a DM. I'd recommend the second game, it's a bit more cozy.
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Especially good with drinks.

| Battle Block Theater if you no longer want to be friends.
Stardew Valley if you want to become more than friends.
E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy if you want... Eh... I don't know how to properly describe it, but the gameplay is fun. And you can pay with everyone you know at the same time.

| Overcooked if you want absolute chaos

| Gunfire Reborn is alright. You get random drops and try to make a liable build every run.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 if you want fantasy Left4Dead

The Forest if you want horror survival with crafting and basebuilding

GTFO for that hardcore stealth action

Divinity : OS 1 or 2 deserves to be mentioned again

| I would say Darksiders Genesis if not for the amount of bugs that exist in that god forsaken (lmao) game. Now I'm playing Strange Brigade.

| Cuphead if you want to go through hell together or just have fun with a decent challenge, depending on who you play with.

| Damn g/u/rls you all must have a lot of friends. These are some great games by the looks of it we will check em out with my friend thank you all :))

| Dark Souls if you want to love and or hate each other through all the death

Borderlands if you also want to gun shot down

Magicka if you wanna disrespect each other for shits and giggles

Monster Hunter if you want big weapons and bigger monsters

| Also Tribe if you want to solve puzzles (that is if Portal is also your thing)

| *Trine

| Trine can also be similar to how I described Cuphead. Especially if you're trying to blast through it in the middle of the night when both/all three of you have no brain function.

| E D F! E D F!

| "Serious Sam" is very fun with friends.
"Don't Starve" if you like survival games.
"Spelunky (2008 version)" has an co-op modification on itch.io if I'm not mistaken
"Starbound", "Terraria", "Minecraft" - including them just in case.
"We were here" is a fun and free little experience
"Sven co-op" is great if you have a toaster and if you just love Half-Life
"Keep talking and nobody explodes" might be not your thing or on the contrary. I dunno how to explain it so just look it up.


| A Way Out. It's a story-driven cinematic co-op game about two prison inmates working together. You can't play it alone, it's designed for co-op. Thankfully, if you're playing online, only one person needs to own the game while the other person plays for free.

| I love sex.

| >>678910 ^ this btw. Totally forgot about it. Very fun

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