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Does Vive still worth?

| I found Vive for 310€, all set from second hand, few used.. i'm thinking if i should buy it or not... And if i wanted upgrade to vr knuckles, can i just change them? Or i need buy full index? (Btw. Please don't recommend me oculus hw.. them controller is really not comfortable for me)

I want vr under 400€, and this i found really interesting.. i like games like vrchat, audioshield and so..

| It sounds like you answered your own question tbh. Though imo, if you can afford it/are willing to wait, Index is worth saving for.

Volvo is backed up rn though so don't expect to get it or have to pay for it anytime soon- their estimated time prior to Covid was 8 weeks, and now it may be longer. When I tried to buy one, it put me on a waiting list and didn't charge my card. Apparently when it's my turn, they'll ask me to confirm if I still want it and then run my card.

| Honestly i don't want pay for VR more than 400€.. Index is overpriced.. But i'm thinking if i should buy vr what comes from 2016 or if is chance that will be soon released some mainstream vr set.. I would be honestly little angry if was soon released mainstream version of Index or something xd

| Well, if it can help OP, since I didn't want to pour all that money and also didn't have a capable enough PC, I decided to get a Oculus Quest.
It's definitely not the best image quality, but the fact that it's a standalone experience makes up for that.
It might not be compatible with what you want, though...
Also, the fact that you have to set up an account is questionable... well it's what works for me until I have enough money and time to make VR a hobby of mine.

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This thread is permanently archived