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BOTW2 is basically done

| Acording to some reports most the translations are already, and all scripts are already made, so does this mean we will have it by the end of the year? Are yall hyped?

| Post said sources?

| Just check on game explain video, https://youtu.be/gTGwA-09eM0, some other youtubers are also reporting on it and there are also multiple sources stating the same

| What you've never heard the old maxim "the last 10% of game development is 90% of game development"? Don't get too excited yet. Just be patient

| >>676774 well if they are already finishing the translations that means they are just polishing the game now, nintendo is good at that so I dont think it will take too long, also the engine and most assets are ported from the previous game and they even said that they are only doing a sequel cuz they had too much content for just dlc so they really must be just doing some testing and tweking now

| >>676779
Don't underestimate how long it'll take for "testing and tweaking" though. And most translations for same-day global releases are done alongside other development process, so it's really not a good indicator of how finished the game is.

Not saying a 2020 release is impossible. Just don't get your hopes up too much

| It would be awesome if it came out this year! I'm finishing up Breath of the Wild right now, and a Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time type counterpart to it sounds really cool. So yeah! I'm hyped, though I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't release this year.

| Nice, can't wait to play Skyrim 2 with Anime mods again!

| They planned the game original for 2021 I believe. While the president of Nintendo also mentioned that none of their games for 2020 cycle has been effected by COVID, I think it's more likely the game comes out 2020 at the earliest. Maybe if they really are done so fast they'll release it on the anniversary of BOTW, March 3rd.

| Basically done doesn't mean it meets the standard just yet :/

| i think they shouldn't release it in 2020, i mean people are hyped for cyberpunk 2077 more than botw2. they should release it a few months after cp2077's launch

| >>677018 I mean cyberpunk wont launch for the switch, also botw1 was launched with horizon 0 dawn and it was a sucsses so its not like the formula cant compete with other big games


| Nintendo always have the game finished 3 or 4 months before the release date, is rare they work during this period, as is just waiting so all the physical copies around the world are right. Usually as the game released a patch comes in result of this period. But yeah that the game is finished doesn't mean we are getting it this year or any time sooner, it's just a maybe.

| I hope they've ditched the weapon break system. It completely ruined BotW1 for me.

| >>677452
I don't really understand why people complain about that. I find it a lot more interesting because you have to actually adapt and not always use the same weapon. Like, if I find a good weapon I would only be using that, but because of weapon break I use lots of different ones and different strategies and stuff.

| >>677565
And throwing them when about to break is SO satisfying to me ! But I can understand it's a pain sometimes...

| >>677452 the weapon break system makes sense though considering you get a new weapon every 2 steps.

| >>677595
Is it though? I like this a lot more than in the other games in the franchise where you just find a weapon, use that for half the game, find another weapon, use that for half the game. I think the more open approach with this one makes the game more fun and also gives you a feel of survival, you know? You're no longer a hero who grabs a sword and fucks the world. You're a hero, but you still have to survive the harsh world to free it, and weapon break adds to that.

| >>677966
Oh it has its undeniable qualities, I wouldn't imagine unbreakable wands for example.
The guardian weapons would be way too strong if they didn't break too. Well you can still farm them I guess...

| >>678184
Yeah. I just don't see how the game would be without it. You'd have no motivation to take down enemy outposts, maybe except money and monster parts, but those aren't that important. You wouldn't have to experiment with different styles and weapons. You'd just get a trash sword, get hearts, get the master sword, and that would be about it.

| >>678184
Not only you CAN farm, you pretty much HAVE to farm if you want to have good equipment for guardian beasts/ganon. So that's not too fun.

| >>678250 oh no, I have to work to mantain a good equipment? How dare you nintendo?!

| >>678250
Uh, how? You only need Master Sword to fight Ganon, and a decent bow that you can find anywhere and a guardian arrow is enough to insta kill a guardian. As long as you've taken back most of the divine beasts the fight is really easy.

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