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General Zachtronics thread

| Do you play "Zach-like" games? Why or why not? What do you like/dislike about them? Which one's your most/least favourite? Which one would you recommend to someone new to the series?

As for me, I enjoy Opus Magnum a lot due to its lower difficulty and truly hypnotic gif-able mechanisms you get after completing the puzzle. And I don't like SpaceChem much because it's rather rough around the edges and the main loop gets over designed a bit with the reactor placement layer.

| Also, I haven't touched the "true programming" Zach-like games much, mostly because TIS-100 is too convoluted and moving things around nodes gets annoying, and Shenzhen I/O, while a lot more manageable, still became too difficult for me a bit later on.

But all that was a couple years ago. Now I've got a job in programming and Exapunks started to look rather appealing. How is it? Is it worth trying out, or am I better off giving the other two games another shot?

| Guess Zachtronics stuff is not too popular here. Well, that shouldn't be surprising at all, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I'm making steady-ish progress through Opus Magnum. Optimizing for cycles is a bit of a pain, optimizing for area&cost is kinda same-y and boring. Solving the puzzles themselves is pretty fun still, though.

Also, I think I'll go for Shenzhen I/O after all, despite it being seemingly harder. Managing multiples EXAs and recursion in Exapunks is somehow more scary.

| Didn't they do Infiniminer back in the day?
Man, those were some fun times.

| >>676941
Yeah, pretty sure that was Zach's first "big" game. I'm more a fan of the later puzzle stuff, though.

| Opus Magnum looks really good! I want to play it, but a lot of the time I'm not able to concentrate and lose focus completely, and it definitely doesn't seem like the type of game you can play completely spaced out.

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This thread is permanently archived