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There are too many good games

| People complain all the time that game companies are evil, and yet there are so damn many good games coming out each year !! Do these companies realize that I don't have enough time to play them all goddammit !!

| I feel ya, op. I just learn to let things go and only look forward on very few games.

| Agreed, I have a decent backlog of games. I just cleared Prey 2017 and Gris off my list recently!!

Next game I'll play is Deadly Premonition 2. It's coming out soon!

| Good (looking) games, things can go bad in the last moment.

| There are no good games coming out anymore. Finally got to work at my backlog, so that's good

| >>676615 nice

| As a nintendo fan, not really,lol, lack of announcements and sugar, but I sure like what other consoles are getting happy for you non ninties fand out there

| >>676637 origami king seems like a fun game

| >>676637 g/u/rl, Switch still gets games whether Nintendo announces them or not. You just gotta remember third party companies exist too.

| >>676651 yeah but I dont think its for me, i'm gonne see before buying

| >>676679 yeah but I wanted something more first party like botw2, pikmin, starfox or more interesting second party like kirby, pokemon( unite moba and swsh dlc dont count for me as interesting), new arms or splatoon contentent would be nice too

| The only hype thing I have for me is ninjala for now

| True

| 2020 is a slow year for Nintendo fans.

| There are evil companies ruled by money, but there are also those ruled by passion. Lots of good games indeed. I used to be able to play all I want to, but now work takes all the time. I kinda wish they stopped releasing new good stuff for a moment so I could catch up. I haven't even played rdr2 yet and cyberpunk is right around the corner. And I have 4 games on my imminent backlog while also wanting to play multiplayer games. Gotta buy less stuff on sales and focus on important.

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This thread is permanently archived