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yandere devs reddit was hacked

| lol

| So what?

| Lol

| Lolol

| Is ban % still a thing on his discord?

| oh well

| Ok

| and?

| Who cares about yandere dev anymore

| Lmaoooo who the fuck cares

| who gives a shit about him lmao

| His whole email was hacked.
The hackers got the source code including osana features this time, his reddit account and some emails (NDA, Tinybuild, and some DMCAs)

The hackers couldn't mass download his inbox thanks to his email service locking IMAP/POP behind a paywall.

| IMO fucking the sub up only gave "gremlins" (what he calls his haters) a worse reputation. Now I wonder if he'll cancel the game or race against all the people who are currently working on a fork of the leaked source code.

| How do you found out about it? Would like to read source.

| >>676076

| >>676148
if the source code was leaked he probably won't race them, since I think it's illegal for them to use in a lot of countries, correct me if I'm wrong.

| lmao who cares about reputation? Cumchaliceman definitely gives 0 shits on his credibility about the game anyway, might as well fuck up the sub lol

| Literally who

| it's not hacking, it's surprise takeover

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This thread is permanently archived