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So, uh, smash bros is cancelled

| 2020 at it again

| The worst part is that the problem was purely caused by the community but people still say that they will quit smash the game has done nothing wrong

| People are just being outraged for the sake of being outraged. Of course that shit was fucked up, but it's not the game's or Nintendo's fault and people aren't actually quitting the game.

| What happened?

| Cmiiw there are serial harassers in the smash community and people, including Nintendo themselves, are calling those assholes out.

It's not smash bros itself that's being cancelled. That's exagerrating.

| >>676055 turned out that a bunch of smash bros pro players are pedophiles

| >>676059 I mean, sure the game is still there, but smash was not included in this year's evo, and now its reputation got even worse. And many people are just qutting the community altogether right now. So the game is not over, but competetive scene will need a lot to recover


| The game itself isn't dead, but the community will probably never recover from this. Parents won't let their kids go to tourneys anymore and new people will stop entering the community. I imagine pm could benefit from the people departing from ultimate, and melee to a lesser extent

| >>676063 Will read that as "Mysterious player was actually two Epsteins in a trench coat".

| >>676063 >>676105 >>676066
This shit isn't anything new though. I think the community will survive just fine after this current outrage calms down.

| >>676183 It may survive, but the scars gonna be there for a long time

| *laugh in single player

| what a massively retarded situation

| >>676254
Well, yeah. They will. But, in the end, cunts are just there to play Smash. Some of those people smashing kids doesn't mean that everyone does it or that playing Smash is bad, you know? Also, as I said, it's nothing new. Some people in the Smash community are very open about the fact that a few people in the community are horrible peoply, but most are of the opinion that, well, at the end of the day the majority is just there to play video games together, you know?

| The fact that it's nothing new isn't really an excuse. Nintendo probably stepped in because the harassment has reached critical mass.

Even if the majority is just there to play games most people will still relate the companies image to kiddy diddlers and toxicity.

| >>676487 nintende just stepped in because they never knew about it, they have never been active in the competitive scenery.

| >>676494
Both wrong and right. They follow and know a lot about the competitive scene, but they rarely interact with it. Not directly.

| Goddamn. Pedophiles can play games - and can do it competitively. What a shocker.
Next we'll hear that they live among us. Let's cancel the society.

What a mess.

| >>676608 holy shit, I know it's obvious but why do I feel like you're on to something.

next time they are debating pro life again, I'm gonna tell them politicians that giving birth will potentially create a new human pedophile!

| >>676610 bro thats a good idea, lets cancel sex so nobody has kids that will commit crimes, big brain momment

| >>676610
For real though. That do be how people think, legit. It's retarded.

| >>676662
I know what's retarded.

| Yes cancel it. These games suck.

Fite me.

| >>676675
You're mum xD

| >>677408 it's "your" not "you're".

| >>677453
I lov playing spot the autist xD

| >>677563 found the child

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