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What are some some good RNG heavy games?

| I'm talking about games where RNG is a very big part of the game like in Mario Party or Dicey Dungeons. I'm really craving some games like that, with just a bunch of gambling/RNG but still with some strategy.

| Noita

| Warframe and XCOM.
Or you could just get yourself an RPG-gacha game (e.g. Fate/ Grand Order, Fire Emblem Heroes, Sdorica, Brave frontier, etc.) so you can join us in gacha hell.

| Competitive pokemon. RNG in it's most glorious form

| >>675957
I sadly don't have anything to play that on.

Hmm. Those aren't really for me, and not really what I'm looking for, but thanks for the suggestions.

True, but again, not really what I'm looking for.

| Mistover and Darkest Dungeon.

| Hmm. I guess I'm not specifically looking for a rogue-like or anything that just has a lot of RNG. To be more clear with what I'm looking for:

Something where the main focus is RNG. Like how the combat in Dicey Dungeons is literally just gambling, or how Mario Party is literally just throwing dice and trying to make the best out of it.

If there are any other games like that though of course.

| Let it Die

| Risk of Rain 2 for sure

| So you like... dice? Not random numbers but specifically dice?

| Risk ?

| 100% orange juice

| >>676139 anime mario party

| >>676057
Well, no. It doesn't have to be dice. It's just that those were the best examples I had, since essentially everything you do there is gambling/RNG, and that's kind of what I'm looking for.

| >>676145
Considering you said no to RPG with hard RNG (XCOM, Pokemon, Darkest Dungeon) and gacha games, I suspect "something with RNG" isn't *really* what you're looking for.

Do you like seeing numbers pop up or something? Will you be satisfied with a game that's just pressing a button to roll a die?

It's just a weird thing to look for. RNG is a tool, a means to an end, not usually a feature.

| Does whether it's input RNG (generated before you act e.g. randomly generated levels) or output RNG (generated after you act e.g. hit chance of an attack) matter to you at all?

| Old jrps

| Not OP but both of what OP mentioned is input and everything but Noita and 100%OJ in this thread is mostly output. So I guess what OP is looking for is a game where you work around input randomness on a turn-by-turn basis rather than each game. That being said, I don't know many video games like that. Maybe TCGs?

| >>676174 >>676181
I think I'm looking for input RNG, yeah. I do love TCGs, but a lot of them you can manipulate your RNG extremely though. Like, RNG manipulation can be fun, but, yeah. I'm looking for games with input RNG.

| >>676182
Mmm, so like, being dealt a randomly-generated situation, and making the best out of it? Have you checked out roguelike/roguelite games? Invisible Inc.? Slay The Spire? Darkest Dungeon should also fit that bill.

| >>676200
Have you read my messages in this thread?

| >>676206
Ah yeah sorry, you mentioned not looking for roguelike... But shouldn't roguelike be exactly what you're looking for? I guess you want that roguelike "make the best of what you're dealt with" feel but also having it be dice-themed in some way?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot of questions, I'm just curious at what exactly you're thinking of.

| I'm also having a hard time actually understanding what it is you're looking for. It's hard to give recommendations when no one seems to know what you want.

Why not try Monopoly?

| >>676225
It doesn't have to be dice themed. I just like the feeling of gambling, if you get me? Most rogue-likes have all the RNG in the background, you know? Like, if I play Enter the Gungeon for example, by skills with dodging and shooting are a lot more important than which weapon I get or the layout of the map.

I'm sorry. I'm having a hard time describing it.

| This might be a stretch but Gunfire Reborn is pretty heavy on the RNG with all the random loot. Like Noita you'll have to find the best solution to what you get.

But if you can't run Noita then maybe you can't run Gunfire Reborn either.

Since you like Mario Marty maybe you should check out Pummel Party. It was a really active playerbase if you want to try matchmaking.

| >>676405
Well, again, Mario Party was just an example because it's something everyone knows and is very apparent with what it is.

The thing is that I don't have Windows though, so I can't play Pummel Party either.

| >>676472
Pummel Party and Noita runs flawlessly on Proton in Linux.

| >>676486
I only have access to Mac, so, yeah. Not ideal for gaming. Also, before you ask, yes, I've tried Wine, and it hasn't worked for me on a single game, on any computer.

| >>676329
I'm gonna repeat my recommendation of Invisible Inc and Darkest Dungeon. They're both turn-based, so not at all like Enter the Gungeon.

Invisible Inc's randomness came from the randomly-generated levels and the tools that pop up in the shop. Level layout only becomes visible as you explore; deciding what to do and where to go is often a gamble.

Darkest Dungeon is more number-based. It shows you all the hit/crit/damage/status chance before you act.

| Dokapon Kingdom, Monopoly, any gacha games.

| A good substitute for XCOM i would recommend would be TROUBLESHOOTER. Has way more customization on gaining skills which could make or break you later on.

| >>676512
I have an have played a lot of both of them. Again, not what I'm looking for, but they are good games.

| Demon Gaze and Stranger of Sword City for loot rng

| Well, there's a ton of mobile games available for any RNG worshipping psycho.

| As an RNG whore myself, I recommend Fate Grand Order for the max level stakes. In that game, whether you thrive and rule in the RNG hell or you somehow manage to escape it (with little to none of your money left).

| >>676766
Isn't that game just gacha? That's not what I'm looking for.

| Go play Gachas.

| >>677055
Can nobody read?

| >>677096
Op at this point I'm pretty sure everyone is just so confused at what you want they throw you the most obnoxious answer.

| Never played Mario party, tell me where's the RNG pls

| >>677109
Seems like it, yeah. Probably my fault.

The game is turn based. How far you move and what you can do depends on your dice roll at the start of the round. Basically just a board game, but you also spin wheels and shit like that to get items that a lot of the times are also partially gambling. So basically just a fuck ton of gambling, but strategy is still a part of it.

| >>677156
Oh ok that clears it up.
You ever played FTL ? It's not quite similar to what you mentioned, but I think you might find something of at least some appreciable value.

| >>677158
I've seen it, but I don't have anything to play it on, and not exactly what I'm looking for either. Sorry.

| So it has to be multiplayer ?
What platform ?

| >>677162
Preferably Switch or Mac. That's kinda all I got.

| I don't know my g/u/rl, really struggling with that •_•;
Someone has ever played a game with randomized input D: ??

| >>677172 >>677161
If you have a Mac, you have something to play FTL on. You should give it a go anyway, it's a really solid game and it's dirt cheap right now.

| >>677416
Oh? I remember wanting to buy it and it being Windows only. Might get it then, but again, I don't think it's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for the heads up though.

| >RNG is a big part
SMT: Nocturne, as a half-jokey-half-unironic recommendation. Praying for instant death spells to not kill you counts as clinging onto RNG, right?

| >>677514
If I can use instant death spells back, then yeah. I love using the instant death spells in SMT/Persona.

| >>677556
They're very "double-sided," for better or worse. In Persona, I wouldn't say it was ever much of an issue (especially in 3, when the Homonculi become common finds/buys), but Nocturne had me shitting my pants if I was using a Magatama without a Dark/Light void.

But hey, when it works on your end, it feels damn good.

| Binding of Isaac?

| OP gotta check on some tabletop games for their own sake.

| >>677626
I really enjoy tabletop games, but I want some digital ones, you know? I don't have a lot of friends who are very into tabletop games. I haven't played MtG or D&D in months, and those are basically the only ones we play.

| OP, I think I understand what you want - a casino simulator. And I'm not even joking, I'm pretty sure that's it. Sadly enough I don't know anything alike, but maybe g/u/rls here will suggest you something related.

I also never saw any mentions of auto-chess games, but they are about RNG-manipulation, so I'm just going to mention them.

| There must be some arcade machines simulators, maybe pachinko simulators, something like that

| Ok, ok, hear me out.
P E G G L E.
There is a lot of strategy, especially if you are going for the challenges, and RNG is at game's core.
Some peggle games are free on steam if you are willing to give it a whirl. They are quite enjoyable.

| >>677641 knights of pen and paper+1 is a damn good tabletop game on mobile, though it's a bit old. I played it with my siblings at home and we enjoyed the hell out of it.

There's a second (free) game to the franchise that improves the overall graphics but it somehow lacks the old-school charm the first game have. Both are good games tho

| >>678682 there's also a switch version of those if that's what you're after.

| Yu-Gi-Oh with a deck that has a bunch of coin flip/dice rolling cards.

| >>678601 >>678602
No. No, that's not what I'm looking for at all.

I've played it.

I've played both.

The problem with decks like that are usually that they basically don't work at all though. I play MtG, and decks like that there, just, don't work, at all. Like, yeah, gambling is fun, but I don't want the chance of winning to be 1% every time.

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