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People are threatening Laura Bailey over The Last of Us Part II

| She's seriously being sent death threatst because she played Abby in the game. It's incredibly sad.


| What the fuck

| People who that must be legitimately retarded

| Why? I know the charcter is bad but threatening people is just stupid

| Probably kids.

| That's disturbing af.

| So, get this, these people think the voice actor is responsible for the actions of a fictional character

| Immature brats. Smh

| I personally dislike the game, but this is going too damn far. Don't people know that there's a significant difference between an actor/actress and the character they play?


| Sorry for blankpost.

I don't get why people harass actors who are just acting the characters. keep them out of the drama.

| Serves her right.

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I don't get it either.

Maybe >>4c6ed7 can shine some light on the subject.

| I see those """"""tHrEaTs"""""" and just die of laughter, think about it...these are real people lmfao

| Abby was fuckin cool, idgaf. The story was all over and kinda janky at times but I really dug her portrayal and seeing different sides of the conflict

Also people fuckin suck

| The writing in that game was trash, but the actors are literally just doing their job. They didn't write it, they didn't decide what they had to do, they literally just did what they had to to get by. That's like threatening a McDonald's employee because they didn't like the food. It's retarded.

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you do know she's just an actor, right???

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If nobody gets hurt over the bullshit, the bullshit won't go away ever.

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I don't really have a lot of context on what you're referring to(?). Did she do something irl that was rly bad or am I missing something?

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Companies generally never respond to bullies.

Name 1(one) single occurence where harassing an employee has ever amounted to any positive changes to the product.

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No, the kind of people who would go out of their way to harass and treathen a voice actress is the same kind of haters who can't stand LGBT-stuff.

The voice actress in question never did anything bad. She just did the job they paid her for.

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Then you go get hurt bitch

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now i want to see fans hurting themselves on camera to show how much they hate the thing, because:
1) it takes more effort and is less entitled than sending death threats
2) it will be amusing to watch

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So you are saying we need to take a cue from the japanese and burn thr development studio down?
Because that seems a little extreme.

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ecks dee

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