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the REAL problem with digital games

| when I decide I don't like the game I can't just sell it or donate it to my little brother or that one friend who plays from your save file and finishes the game for you

| DRM sucks, yes. Don't buy DRM if you don't want to be locked in.

| Hence why I either buy for cheap or watch an extensive review

| OP might be interested in buying his games from https://store.robotcache.com/ in the future.

Several prominent game publishers such as 505 Games, Paradox and THQ Nordic has jumped on board.

| Yeah digital games suck, and some companies dont even make the digital version cheaper,like nintendo, and some companies suck at refounds, like sony, and other like to make you re buy the game or use an online service to update the new console you play in, like microsoft, some try to monopolyse the digital industry, like epic games, and some provide a good but lack luster service, like steam

| Agreed. My steam game list is fuckhuge but I haven't been able to play most of it, and frankly, a lot of them weren't worth the sale price.

| While I agree with most of you, here's something that have to be said: digital game is a HUGE BLESSING for indie games and the growth of the industry as a whole. I don't live in US/EU/Japan so only major publishers get their physical game here. Shipping cost for anything else will cost an arm and a leg. Not to mention the publishing cost for indie devs.

| >>675567 you do have a point, digital helps indies, but at the same time its not like we want to ban digital games, we just wish the stuff we complain about gets fixed

| I also dont live in any first world country

| >>675567 +1 to this. Steam regional pricing really help for third worlder like me. Plus, steam having a voucher is great for people without credit card for me.

Without steam, I will be still pirating all my games.

Regarding not being able to pass down the game to others, I can't relate. Mainly because I like niche games, my friends and family will find little to no value from my steam library.

| >>675583 what about buying from GOG and Itch.io? The games you get there are DM-free, so you can share copies with family by just copy & paste.

| *DRM-free

| >>675696
The post you reply to already have the answers, g/u/rl. Regional pricing, voucher for people without credit card. Neither GOG nor Itch have it yet.

That said, I'm quietly glad for the existence of cracks and general piracy. They ensure that there's a "DRM-free" backup for most games.

| >>675724
GOG kinda have regional pricing. You get the amount back to your GOG account and can use it to buy other games cheaper.

| >>675734 steam simply gets to me first and I stayed with them. Went from full pirate to owning 200 games in there. It will takes more than "providing the same feature as steam" to get me move to other platform. I usually try to avoid denuvo DRM, but I don't have a problem with steam DRM.

>>675696 no one (that I aware of) sells vouchers for itch/gog in here.
>>abb492 pretty much got everything right with my situation.

| To add more, I still pirate all my anime. Crunchyroll region locks some shows for me, DVD costs an arm and a leg to import because of shipping + tax, and cable TV airs shows that I don't like.

Convenience plays a big role in diciding wether or not to pirate, for me. If there's a steam like service for anime, I will gladly pay for them, at least for a few shows that I like.

| >>675797 bruh, a bit redundant. we all pirate, we all know why we do it. and this thread isn't about piracy.

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