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The opposite of overhyped

| Can overhated be a word? I think it should be a word, it means when the haters are loud enough and they wanted to cockblock everyone else from having fun. Example: fallout 76

| Is Fallout 76 really overhated though? I mean it's great that you're having fun with it but it was a rushed mess.

At launch they synced movements and actions trouch tcp instead of udp for example...

You could also use commands like "teleport PLAYERNAME" etc at launch so you could teleport any other players to any given coordination.

| I get what ops saying, some things don't deserve as much hate as they get. Dunno if there's a word for that tho.

But I'm sorry op I too despise fallout 76, not gonna put you down for enjoying it or anything, I just think that it's a greedy mess.

| Yeah, OP definetly has a point. I would maybe use the word detraction to describe such actions. Or perhaps undervalue.

| Fallout 76, pokemon swsh, sonic forces, all bad games that the people who like it call overhated, nothing wrong with liking a bad game but at least dont get mad when people call it bad, since those are very respected franchises that deserve good quality games that are not rushed

| Btw now saying that op shouldnt like those games nor I'm saying that op should be attacked by people who dislike said games, its just that these games shouldnt really be defended since they are a product of corporational greed

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Seems a bit redundant but OK...

| >>675448 some people starts discussions from the silliest of thing so its better to play safe and repeat the same stuff twice so nobody starts shit

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Not on this board. You don't have to do that here. It just generates noise and makes threads harder to read IMO.

| >>675459 ok sorry, its just that I have a talent to start shit without wanting to

| Now going back to topic I guess there are some over hated games like sonic unleashed when it lauched, but now everyone noticed that it wasnt that bad and that it was a really well polished game, another example would be mario&luigi partners in time when it launched

| And there are some examples like fnaf and undertale that are hated more cuz of the fandom than the game itself but that is because the fans love it too much so I guess it balances out

| No amount of shit talk should reduce the enjoyment of a game or "cockblock" your from getting the fun from it.

Why would you need someone's approval from playing a game? I feel like that's the wet dream of game reviewers, if people like games that only considered "good" by the mainstream audiance.

Dynasty Warriors as a franchise is lazy as shit, but it doesn't stop me from having fun (even if I get bored after 4-5 hours).

| >>675642 fair poin, and great example, all warriors games are so repetivtive that it hurts but the games are still good and it has its own niche audience despite being soooooooooooooo boring from time to time

| Opposite of overhyped is underhyped. Things don't generate any interest from anyone. Fallout is overhyped.

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